Dr. Brady Frank Dentist Voted Top Dentist Among His Peers

May 21, 2012
Dr. Brady Frank, inventor of the OsteoConverter and pioneer of the No-Drill Implant Technique, has received the award for top dentist in the field of implantation.

SEATTLE, WA — Dr. Brady Frank has been recognized by many dentists in the past for his contributions to the field, namely through his revolutionary techniques and willingness to teach his methods to others. But for the first time in his burgeoning career, Dr. Frank is being officially acknowledged for his excellence as a top dentist. Just last week a panel of renowned dentists were given the task of choosing the top performing dentists of 2011. Basing their decision upon multiple factors, they are pleased to announce that Dr. Frank is the winner within the field of implantation.

Dr. Frank was a proponent of the No-Drill Implants technique, which allows dentists to perform significantly more implant procedures each month, thus raising the amount of patients they can treat and subsequently the amount of revenue generated by the practice. In addition to pioneering the method, Dr. Frank has gone the extra mile by sponsoring mini-residencies and boot camps designed to teach his skills to other dentists interested in offering the most modern options available to their patients.

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