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Feb. 14, 2012
Connecticut hygienist named as a Crest Oral-B Pros in the Profession

Kareen Wilson, RDH

Crest Oral-B recently selected Kareen Wilson, RDH, from Bloomfield, Conn. as the latest recipient of the brands' Pros in the Profession award program. Wilson is the third Crest Oral-B Pros in the Profession winner for the second year of the program. She has been practicing dental hygiene for more than 15 years, holding a bachelor of science degree from Loma Linda University. She is part-owner of the family practice where her husband practices dentistry, and they both reside in Bloomfield, Conn., with their two children. To view a video about Wilson's selection for the award, click here.
In 2004, Wilson first joined mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Peru with several other medical professionals, witnessing the drastic need for better oral health care in these countries and other parts of the world. She then helped start the Bethesda Medical Mission (BMM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering free health services to "enrich the lives of global citizens who are less fortunate," according to the Crest Oral-B announcement.She serves an active role on the BMM board of directions, and she joins a band of pediatricians, psychologists, and general practitioners who facilitate mission trips to territories covering the Caribbean, Africa, and Central and South America. Kareen will be joining BMM on their second mission trip to Haiti in 2012.The Crest Oral-B statement said, "Kareen’s passion for improving oral health in foreign countries is carried with her each day in her profession as well. She is committed to educating her patients about whole-body wellness and the correlation between their oral health and overall health. With the help of some of her favorite dental products, Kareen strives to keep her patients bacteria-free and is always thrilled to see the results of her work in patients both inside her dental practice and in other parts of the world." To learn more about Pros in the Profession, including how to nominate a dental hygienist for consideration, visit For information about Crest Oral-B products and resources, visit