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Will you apply for new dental hygiene jobs this year?

Jan. 10, 2024
Survey results show that more than 42% of your dental hygiene peers are considering their job options in 2024. How about you? Let us know in our poll!

Are you content in your dental hygiene role—or will you join more than 40% of your peers who indicated they’re actively looking for a new job or would consider applying for one this year?

Recent results from DentalPost’s 2024 Salary Survey Report indicates that just over 19% of responding RDHs changed jobs in the past year, and a growing number of dental hygienists are on the hunt, with 42% indicating they’re applying or might apply new job opportunities.

Are you considering changing jobs in 2024? Let us know in the poll below

Conducted from August to mid-October 2023, the Dental Survey Salary Report engaged the voices of more than 4,300 dental professionals, including 1,802 dental hygienists, to offer insights into salaries, benefits, job transitions, and retirement aspirations. Results collected in the report, conducted in partnership with Dental Economics and RDH magazine (DentistryIQ sister sites), derived from “a specific set of questions [that] reveal an array of insightful feedback about the state of dentistry that will aid you with job-seeking, hiring and retention in the coming year.”

In 2023, the primary motivations noted for changing jobs were a new location (57% of respondents) and higher pay (55% of respondents). Other reasons noted by the survey poll included better work environment, better hours, and career opportunities; open comments included family relocation, a private practice sale to a DSO, and a shorter commute.

Of those who did switch jobs, 86% of respondents indicated that the change achieved some or all of their career goals.

The percentage of RDHs who reported they were currently applying for new jobs or planned to apply for new jobs before 2025 was 12%, with another 30% indicating they might apply for new jobs.

Going into 2024, the top motivations noted for looking for a new dental hygiene role included higher pay (34%) and better work environment (31%).

What about you?

Are you feeling fulfilled by your current job in dental hygiene, or are you hoping to make a change in 2024? 

Read 2024 Salary Survey Report: The State of the RDH Career and access the full results

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