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Director’s Message: What do I say?

July 8, 2015

Do you ever get the feeling that your patients are just not listening? Maybe it’s time to level up some of your communication during a hygiene visit. Below are eight examples of statements or questions that will engage your patients.

Greet and seat: “Is there anything you would like me to know or to focus on today?”

Medical history: “Because your oral health is so intimately connected to your general health, I am especially interested in any changes in your health. Have you seen a doctor or specialist recently? Has anything changed with your medication either prescribed or over the counter?”

Blood pressure: “To keep you safe and catch any changes in your health, we are going to take your blood pressure now.”

Tooth shade: “So that we can get a baseline reading of the shade of your teeth, we’re going to use a tooth shade guide. Would you be willing to hold the mirror while we take a look? Based on what you’re seeing in the mirror, which shade do you think closely matches your own?”

Periodontal assessments: “To check your current oral health and determine your level of risk for gum disease, I’m going to perform a number of assessments. These assessments are a record of your current pocket depths, bleeding which is a sign of periodontal disease, any recession, loss of mobility, or loss of attachment.”

Oral cancer screening: “Because oral cancer will be newly diagnosed in about 100 individuals each day in the United States, I’m going to be checking you for any signs of cysts, lesions, tumors, or unexplained abnormalities. As you can tell, this is an important part of your visit with me.”

Digital camera: “So that you and I have a very clear image of what is going on in your mouth, I’m now going to use the intraoral camera. The camera will let you and I examine any problem areas together.”

Radiographs: “So that we can detect any signs of decay and bone loss, we’re going to take radiographs today.”

Happy Summer!
Kristine A. Hodsdon RDH, MSEC
Director, RDH eVillage


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