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Lumo Lift: Technology promotes healthy posture among dental professionals

March 15, 2016
Dental professionals spend hours a day hinged over their patients, locked in a poor posture for hours on end.

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Dental professionals spend hours a day hinged over their patients. When a hygienist preforms SCRP treatment, they can be locked in a poor posture for hours on end. Technologies such as loupes and saddle stools have been created to promote better posture; however, they do not change the clinician’s behavior. Despite the loupe and saddle stool investment, we can still find necks tilted and our backs curved.

Lumo Lift works as a posture coach, which helps keep the clinician accountable for a healthy posture throughout the working day.

Lumo Lift is a small sensor that clips onto clothing or via a magnetic bra clasp. The sensor is managed by the user’s cellphone through an app.1 Once the sensor is placed on the clothing, the user aligns the Lift sensor by getting the best posture possible and pressing on the clasp.1 Whenever the user slouches the sensor will gently vibrate to effectively coach better posture.1 Lumo Lift will track posture, steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned through the complimentary iOS or Android app.

After using the product for one week, I noticed a visible difference in my posture and a decrease in back pain. The sensor can be modified when tasks change from a clinical role to another.

For instance, when driving a vehicle I modified the sensor to accommodate my driving posture. In addition, the sensor feedback can be controlled by the user to determine how often the posture is monitored.1 When using the sensor, I found a one to two minute alert to be efficient while I was completing other office duties that required me to bend for a short period of time.

Lumo Lift aids in changing the clinician’s posture to prevent injury and alert patterns that can aggravate injuries. The clinician is in control of where the sensor is placed; therefore, if the clinician has a neck injury, they have the ability to place the sensor on the back of their neck. When the clinician’s neck begins to come out of correct posture, the sensor will remind the clinician to obtain a more neutral neck posture.

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Amber Auger, RDH, MPH, is a hygienist with over six years of experience in multiple clinical settings, including facilities abroad. This experience has allowed her to educate dental hygiene students and coach dental teams on periodontal systems to optimize practice growth. She holds a full-time position at an elite dental office in Boston, and owns her own dental consulting company. Amber obtained master’s in public health from the University of New England and her bachelor’s of dental hygiene from the University of New Haven. Amber specializes in pediatric education, periodontal education, and continues to create progressive systems. She is a key opinion leader for several elite dental companies and a published author. She can be contacted at [email protected].


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