Director's Message: Namaste!

April 19, 2016
Kristine Hodsdon submits her final Director's Message for RDH eVillage.  

The truth is that I am writing my last Director’s Message after 11 years. My heart is filled with joy, gratitude, and sincere appreciation for each and every one of the readers, the PennWell community (past and present), all of the authors and contributors, and corporate sponsors and advertisers.

With this message, I want to create a space for completing this journey and celebrate the gains of my experience. When something is ending, and something is finishing, I believe is a time to harvest the full power of the experience. It is an opportunity to reflect on the gains, think about how we’ve grown, how we’ve developed, what we have discovered, and to reset our course regarding where we are going next and what we are creating next. RDH eVillage is not going away. It will continue to provide significant content to our readers. Yet I will no longer be the Editorial Director.

A lot of what creates a sense of completion is the feeling of being able to express appreciation. So I want to acknowledge the experiences I have had over the past 11 years, beginning with the RDH eVillage being a fledgling concept of PennWell’s—an innovative idea in the world of nonexistent online hygiene newsletters back then—to growing into one of our industry’s top-ranked and respected resources. It is esteemed not only for the timely topics, information, and product updates; yet more importantly, it is recognized as a trusted twice monthly connection.

I appreciate all who have entered my life because of the privilege I had been given as the Editorial Director. As such, I have shared my voice, thoughts, and opinions, and orchestrated those of key influencers, researchers, speakers, consultants, corporate sponsors, and emerging talents. My intention and hope have always been to influence the readers in their professional's domains, yet also beyond the walls of their operatories or offices to also enhancing their lives.

I appreciate you, the reader. Your participation in the RDH eVillage, whether it clicking on your favorite articles, completing the surveys, commenting on an article’s topic on the RDH magazine Facebook page, sending private emails, supporting our advertisers and sponsors, and/or acknowledging me when we met at conventions. You all have contributed in a very deep and significant way because all of you were the inspirations for my monthly articles and messages.

As something is ending, something is also beginning. Your lives are a gift from the universe: The Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you…

Kristine Hodsdon RDH, MSEC

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