New dental product: Violight introduces Rockee toothbrushes

Feb. 4, 2013
They're great for small hands, but fun for all ages.
They wiggle and wobble and come in six different fun colors. No, they aren't Playskool Weeble Wobbles, but Violight's Rockee toothbrushes, now available to rock 'n' roll on your bathroom counter.

The new Rockee tootbrushes bob and wobble, and make sink messes a thing of the past. These colorful toothbrushes rock and roll but never tip over because they stand on their own large base.

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Rockee toothbrushes are "Great for kids of all ages. This one-of-a-kind toothbrush will make you smile. It's unique rocking design means no more messy toothpaste on your counter. And since it always stands upright, Rockee dries easily and doesn't need a cup a toothbrush holder for storage," their website states.

Rockee features include:

- Six bright colors
- Replaceable brush head
- Perfectly balanced so Rockee always stands upright!
- Ergonomic handle
- Great for first time brushers (and for kids of ALL ages!)
- Easier to hold than most manual toothbrushes
- Good for arthritis or anyone who has a challenge gripping a regular toothbrush
- Soft bristles for gentle yet effective cleaning

Each brush includes two brushheads and costs $14.95. Replacement head packs recently became available for $6.95 for a two-pack. For more information, visit