median income for Wyoming DH

2011 median annual income for Wyoming dental hygienists


Total responses: 30
Number of full-time dental hygienists1 who responded to survey: 18

  • Median projected dental hygiene income for 2011: $50,000
  • U.S. Census Bureau median income for one earner: $48,8322
  • Differential: + $1,168
  • % who have received a raise within last 12 months: 41%
  • % who feel that they have received raises at "fair intervals": 56%
  • % who feel that economic conditions have affected their "ability to earn the maximum income" that they pursue: 56%

1 Dental hygiene income was compiled from respondents who said they practice four or five days a week.
2 U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 American Community Survey

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