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Caminiti pros in the profession

Nov. 8, 2011
Caminiti selected as Pros in the Profession winner

Donna Caminiti, RDH

Crest Oral-B recently announced that Donna Caminiti, RDH, of Springfield, Ill., is the latest recipient of the Pros in the Profession award program, which honors dental hygienists who "go above and beyond the call of duty every day. " Donna was selected from a pool of qualified candidates because of her dedication to transforming many of her patients' lives through her "I Quit Tobacco Wall of Fame," among other in-office initiatives.

Donna has been practicing dental hygiene for more than 34 years, holding a bachelor's of science degree in dental hygiene from Loyola University in Chicago. She earned her license in 1977, specializing in teaching, and graduated in 1978. For several years, Donna taught at the student clinic at Loyola and has worked in various private practice settings, both general and periodontic.

Donna is deeply committed to utilizing her profession to prevent oral cancer and its consequences. In fact, Donna started a smoking cessation program in which she teaches her patients about the harm smoking can have on overall health in addition to oral health. Donna motivates her patients to quit smoking and honors their success by posting their photos on a bulletin board in her office.

Donna is also an advocate for Oral-B power toothbrushes, and her patients share that passion. Through another in-office program created by Donna, patients showcase their love for Oral-B power by capturing photos of themselves “Brushing Around the World”, using their brush while traveling to unique locations and landmarks.

Learn more about Donna's story and nominate your favorite hygienist for the Pros in the Profession award at