Hygienists thoughts on uniform fashion

June 21, 2011
Hygienists offer opinions about the styles of dental office uniforms.

The May 27th edition of RDH eVillage conducted a uniform survey where readers were asked to rate 15 pairs of uniform tops. We received approximately 1,300 completed surveys, and approximately 500 of you provided written feedback.

This article is the second one to offer the author’s insights about the results. The first article can be viewed here.

I was able to pull together a list of the most cited uniform do’s and don’ts, hints and ideas, and a wish list. The following are listed in the order of popularity by respondents.

Plumber’s Butt

  • “Pants are lower waisted, so tops need to cover the waist so no underwear is showing.”
  • “Cannot wait for the lower cut bottoms to go away. Nobody can bend over without looking like plumbers, if you get my drift.”
  • “Hipsters and lowered waists are not comfortable.”
  • “I find the below-the-waist style to be uncomfortable when sitting at the chair.”
  • “Longer tops, so when you reach or bend over, people don’t get a view of your backside.”

Full Figured

  • “Low necklines are not hygienic; I don’t want spit and aerosols on my chest.”
  • “I would like to see lighter weight figure flattering tops.”

Hygiene Lite

  • “Why do we smaller hygienists always have to look we’re like being stuck in a potato bag?”

Your Own Personal Summer

  • “It is important to me to deal with the sweat factor by dressing in cool clothing while working masked and gloved and under hot light.”
  • “Faced with age-related hot flashes, along with full bust and extra weight, I would like tops lighter, more breathable fabrics.”

Wrinkle Free

  • “They wash beautifully. Pop them in the dryer for just a couple of minutes, and they are dry and not wrinkled.”
  • “I like material that comes out of the dryer ready to wear.”

Wish List

  • “As a petite woman, I find it hard to find a uniform that fits, plus has a bit of shape to it.”
  • “Cool, calming colors such as blue and green keep patients more relaxed.”
  • “Not all choices come in a short/petite length, which limits my choices of pants.”
  • “Being 5-foot-9-inches tall is a challenge in the world of scrubs. Pants are made for tall people, but tops are not and many are ‘junior sized.”
  • “Simple clean lines.”
  • “Stretchy or tops with a bit of give are ideal, but not big and baggy.”

Kristine A. Hodsdon RDH, BS
Director, RDH eVillage