2011 Detroit metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Oct. 24, 2011
2011 Detroit metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Detroit metropolitan area — 35 responses

Total responses for Michigan: 106

Average hourly rate for Michigan (which include responses from the Detroit area): $30.34

Average hourly rate for Detroit area: $30.77

Average hourly rate for Detroit area in 2010: $31.11

Differential: $0.34 decrease

The most common hourly rates reported were: $30 (16%) and $33 (11%).

Benefits available through employer

  • Health insurance, 36%
  • Employer contribution towards retirement, 43%
  • Paid vacation and holidays, 75%
  • Paid sick leave, 43%
  • Life insurance, 7%
  • Dental insurance, 25%
  • Disability insurance, 11%
  • CE tuition reimbursement, 54%

Comments about Detroit

  • I would never choose this career again if I knew the intricacies of the field. Dentists here never give raises so you better get hired in at the highest rate possible. I would never advise someone to go to school for dental hygiene because there are no jobs in the area.
  • I'm happy with my job, my employer, and the practice. The raise I received was long overdue, though, it had been six years since the last one. Having to pay my own health insurance really puts a huge dent in my income; it goes up so much faster than my wages.
  • I have worked for the same dentist for 7 years and have not received a raise, my employer has stated that I am worthy of a raise however he feels it not necessary to do so since there are so many RDH that will work for $22 hour it is not necessary to increase my pay.
  • I haven't been given a raise in almost seven years! My schedule is almost always full. Pretty much told by office manager that a raise "isn't going to happen...ha ha ha...and they will still give you a review." What the heck kind of attitude was that? Management knows they can hire someone for probably a lot less, since there are new graduate hygienists who are dental assisting since they can't find work. The Detroit area has really been hit hard economically.
  • We have not had a raise in more than 7 years although our production continues to increase! They have also taken away health insurance, uniform allowance and bonuses!
  • No raises in over 3 years. had a time when it was difficult to fill the schedule so the doctor now takes extra time off. We are off 48 regular work days and get paid for 13 of those. Senior hygiene students observe in our office during their last year of school. I see some of the students outside the office 1+ years later still looking for a job. So sad, such a good job choice if the opportunities were there.