2011 Atlanta metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Oct. 24, 2011
2011 Atlanta metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Atlanta metropolitan area — 32 responses

Total responses for Georgia: 55

Average hourly rate for Georgia (which include responses from the Atlanta area): $34.25

Average hourly rate for Atlanta area: $36.60

Average hourly rate for Atlanta area in 2010: $37.02

Differential: $0.42 decrease

The most common hourly rates reported were: $35 (16%) and $40 (12%).

Benefits available through employer

  • Health insurance, 52%
  • Employer contribution towards retirement, 64%
  • Paid vacation and holidays, 88%
  • Paid sick leave, 40%
  • Life insurance, 16%
  • Dental insurance, 8%
  • Disability insurance, 16%
  • CE tuition reimbursement, 52%

Comments about the Atlanta area

  • I am currently employed in two offices. I have been in one office 20 years and the other 10 years. In the office I have been with 10 years, I have had two drastic pay cuts in the last six months. The first pay cut, I was put on collections only because someone had to take the hit for the bad economy. I renegotiated my pay. I went from $230 day to $180 day. I am completely frustrated with my situation. The market is saturated in Georgia so there is no luck of changing to a better job.
  • I have been temping since 2005 (six years now), and started out making $35/hr. in the area north of Atlanta. After a couple years I considered asking for a raise after hearing I could make more in my area, but didn't ask. Now with the downturn in the economy I am hearing that my hourly rate is higher than usual in my area, so I wonder if any of the dentists will decrease my rate now or decline to ask me to temp in the near future.
  • Georgia has a large number of colleges with dental hygiene programs; it has killed the market for dental hygienist and is driving down wages, benefits and long-term employment opportunities. Based on many hygienists I know trying to get or keep work, I have noted a large number of dentists who "require" hygienist to perform illegal duties in order to keep their job (work while dentist is away from the office, adjust nitrous oxide, etc.). It is a sad abuse of the current market
  • I recently moved back to the Atlanta area after 12 years, have found it very difficult to find a job, dentists complain of having to pay for my 20+ years of experience and often hire girls just out school at a lower price. I am willing to take a pay cut just to compete for the jobs. Too many hygienists in this area.
  • I feel the three hygienists in my office have been very under-appreciated during this economy for the past two to three years. The dentist's schedules have been weak and their productions are down. On the other hand, our hygiene schedules have been full most of the time and our production has continued to rise on a steady basis. The hygiene part of our office has kept the office going and with no rewards for us. It is time for a raise in my office!
  • The hygiene field is so saturated in the metro Atlanta area. I have been unable to find a job all year. I never thought I'd say this but I wish all hygiene programs would close for about 5 years to allow all of us unemployed to be able to find jobs at the pay we deserve.