2011 Los Angeles metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Oct. 24, 2011
2011 Chicago metropolitan area dental hygiene salaries and benefits

Los Angeles metropolitan area — 44 responses

Total responses from California: 165

Average daily rate for California (which includes responses from Los Angeles): $408.04

Average hourly rate for California (which includes responses from Los Angeles): $48.88

Average daily rate for Los Angeles: $381.04

Average daily rate for Los Angeles in 2010: $395

Differential: $13.96 decrease

The most common daily rates reported were: $400 (38%) and $375 (21%).

Average hourly rate for Los Angeles: $47.22

The most common hourly rate reported was: $50 (35%)

Benefits available through employer

  • Health insurance, 45%
  • Employer contribution towards retirement, 41%
  • Paid vacation and holidays, 52%
  • Paid sick leave, 17%
  • Life insurance, 10%
  • Dental insurance, 17%
  • Disability insurance, 3%
  • CE tuition reimbursement, 38%

Comments about Los Angeles metropolitan area

  • I live in Los Angeles with 5 years of experience and graduated from a top hygiene school. finding a job has become impossible. Something must be done. Either lesser people accepted to hygiene programs or maybe a rule that all dentists should have at least one hygienist in their office since a lot of them do their own cleanings and as I have seen, they do it very quickly and poorly.
  • The office I am at three days a week is doing exceptional. The office I am at one day a week has slowed a little bit so I haven't received a raise there since I started three years ago. I have asked for a raise since the dentist has raised his prices three times since I've been there but have been denied a raise, even one based off of production. When I first got out of school eight years ago it was extremely easy to find a job; now they are are few and far between. I feel dentists are taking advantage of this and hiring the RDH that is willing to work for less, such as new grads. This makes me angry when I see ads on Craig's List that one is willing to work an 8-hour hygiene day for $250 to $300. I made more than that right out of school. The LOWEST going rate was $320 and that was over 8 years ago! Even $350 would be low with inflation!
  • I make the same money now that I did 10 years ago...
  • Working at my first and only job, I was selected out of 100 applications.... Too many RDHs, not enough work.