Memorial Day and thriving

May 24, 2011

Memorial Day is approaching, and Americans officially commemorate veterans who died in military service to our country. For some of us, it is a day for remembering someone close who has died. We become emotional while thinking about friends and family who are no longer here, or even people who we may have never known — veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Their names only appear in graveyards next to flowers, yet we acknowledge them and remember them with gratitude.

I have often written about taking the time to practice gratitude, whether being grateful for a hot cup of java, a flower, a sharp instrument, a smile or winning the lottery. Cultivating deep gratitude and appreciation for one’s life, especially during or after a loss, creates the space for acknowledging that we are all alive. When practicing gratitude, the value of material possessions slips away as we come to appreciate the gift of waking up every morning to a new day, new possibilities, and new learning.

Memorial Day also represents the official start of the summer season. Morning coffee on the front porch followed beautiful, long days that allow for outdoor activities into the late dusk hours. The laughter of children playing in the streets, Band-Aid and antiseptic ointments, and the smell of sunscreen. Summer truly is a time for thriving.

Be blessed with the gift of gratitude this Memorial Day and do not just survive the summer — thrive in summertime!

Thank you,
Kristine A. Hodsdon RDH, BS
Director, RDH eVillage