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Feb. 8, 2011
Readers post comments and questions in RDH eVillage.

Dear RDH eVillage,

Looking at the rankings of healthiest to least healthy states, it looks like it is not linked to the percentage of population that is fluoridated. Some of the states with the lowest fluoridation rate rank highest and many with the highest rate of fluoridation rank lowest. Indicates a lack of correlation.

Shirley, RDH

Dear Shirley,

Great observation. There were no correlations to fluoride level the when these separate lists were bundled in the January 14th issue of the RDH eVillage.

Click here for a link that provides fluoride information by state.

I am curious to additional measures hygienists consider when ranking a state’s oral health.

Thank you,

Dear RDH eVillage:

I'm writing to you to express my disillusion with the profession of dental hygiene. I love the practice of dental hygiene and the chance to interact with a wide variety of patients; however, I am disgusted with the pervasive attitude that hygiene is "just a little picking and chatting." I have talked with many hygienists in private practice, as well as those in corporate settings, and hygienists are very devalued. The attitude is that we are severely overpaid for our functions and an overall "drain" on the productivity of the office!

I read an article in RDH magazine that discussed the idea that all "perio therapists" must have a four-year degree and two-year degree hygienists would be, in effect, "prophy techs."

I fail to see the advantages, both economically to employers as well as the hygienist, to have one year extra of mostly didactic courses. I feel our focus has altered too far away from our mission. We are perfectionists. Let's perfect our practice of hygiene, not muddy the waters!

Thank you, MTE