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Review: Young Hygiene Handpiece from Young Dental

Aug. 28, 2014
Cheryl North, RDH, reviews the new Young Hygiene Handpiece from Young Dental.

The Young Hygiene Handpiece has been, by far, the easiest handpiece I’ve used. Compared to other handpieces I have tried, it runs smoothly with very little noise, and it feels as though it was form-fitted to my hand.

The handpiece is very comfortable to hold, and it’s easy to maneuver in the oral cavity! The handpiece does not put stress on my hand or wrist muscles while I use it. The engraved grip is adequate for easy handling, and the handpiece has just the right amount of angulation.

The handpiece is compatible with the Classic Vera angles and the webbed Contra Elite Original angles from Young Dental, which slip on and off with ease. In terms of lubricating, it isn’t any different from other handpieces I’ve tried.

Pros: Great angulation, ease of manipulation, runs quietly and efficiently, good gripping grid

Cons: This is not necessarily a con, but I had to train myself to place the handpiece in the holder on the unit without knocking or dropping it on the floor. Old habits are hard to change ...

Overall, I thought this handpiece was amazing in action!


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Cheryl North, RDH, earned her license after graduating from Indiana Purdue University at Fort Wayne in 1985, where she also earned a permit to deliver local anesthesia. For the majority of her career, she has worked at Thompson Dental Care in the small town of Kendallville, Indiana. She has been married for almost 30 years, lives in rural Wolcottville, Indiana, and has three children: Tanner, age 25; Brennen, age 21; and Khyleigh, age 18.