RDH March 2012 special offers

March 16, 2012
Special offers in the March 2012 issue of RDH magazine
Company/Product: Premier Dental Products/Enamel Pro Varnish. Offer: Buy three Enamel Pro Varnish (35ct), get one (35ct) free; or buy three Enamel Pro Varnish (200ct), get one (200ct) free. Where: Visit http://www.premusa.com/dental/newproducts.asp, or call (888) 670-6100.Company/Product:AllPro/Angles. Offer: Free sample. Where: Visit www.allprodental.com or call (800) 243-2285.Company/Product: Waterpik Ultrathin Fluoride Varnish and UltraControl Fluoride Foam. Offer: Free trial offers. Where: Visit www.professional.waterpik.com.Company/Product: Dr. QuickLook/Intraoral Dental Viewer. Offer: Free 30-day trial. Where: Visit www.drquicklook.com or call (315) 565-4058.Company/Product: Ultradent/UltraEZ Desensitizing Gel. Offer: Free sample. Where: Visit www.ultradent.com/ultraezsample, or call (800) 552-5512.Company/Product: DMG America/ClearShield Fluoride Varnish. Offer: Free samples. Where: Visit www.dmg-america.com, or call (800) 662-6383.Company/Product: Platypus/Orthodontic Flosser. Offer: Patient sample packs are $49.99 (originally $85). Where: Visit www.platypusco.com, or call (888) 543-6313.Company/Product:Thornton Floss. Offer: Free samples. Where:http://thorntonfloss.com/Company/Product: Tronex/Exam Gloves. Offer: Free samples. Where:www.tronexcompany.com, or call (800) 833-1181.Company/Product: Nordent/Relyant Scalers and Curettes. Offers: Buy any 10, get two free. Free Sharpening Service. Promo Code: RD12. Where: Visit www.neversharpenagain.com or call 1-800-966-7336Company/Product: Supermax Aurelia Gloves. Offer: Free sample kit. Where: Visit www.aureliagloves.com, or call (877) 287-3542.Company/Product: PDI/Sani-Cloth AF. Offer: Free sample. Where: Visit www.pdipdi.com/saniclothAF.Company/Product: ProphyMagic. Offer: Buy 1,000 Prophy Angles for $500, get one handpiece free. Where: Visit www.prophymagic.com, or call (866) 546-2442.Company/Product: Keystone Industries / 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish. Offers: Buy one box of 144, get one box of 36 free; or, buy three bottles of Gelato APF Gel, get a bag of fluoride trays free. Where: Visit www.keystoneind.com, or call (800) 333-3131.Company/Product: INeedCE. Offer: 10% discount on any course. Promo Code: PRINTAD. Where: Visit www.ineedce.com, email [email protected], or call (888) 463-3323.Company/Product: Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., Inc. Offer: Earn free instruments through instrument recycling. Where:www.Hu-Friedy.com/programs/envirodent.aspx.Company/Product: AllPro/Protect-A-Lens Disposable Protective Eyewear. Offer: Free sample. Where: Visit www.allprodental.com, or call (800) 243-2285.Company/Product:Voco/Profluorid Varnish. Offer: Free sample. Where: Visit www.vocoamerica.com, or call (888) 658-2584.Company/Product:Medicom/Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish. Offer: Get eight samples free. Where: Visit www.duraflorhalo.com.

Please refer to the advertisement in the magazine or contact the company directly for the specific details pertaining to the offers listed above. You can access the digital version of the magazine by visiting http://online.qmags.com/RDH0312/Default.aspx.