5 most popular DIQ articles in November

Nov. 29, 2012
The five most viewed articles on DentistryIQ.com in November 2012. The articles targeted dental hygienists and dentists.

DentistryIQ.com routinely publishes information of interest to all dental professionals. During November 2012, these five articles were the most viewed.

5) Antioxidants: effect on the oral cavity

Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, discusses the impact of antioxidants on oral health.

4) November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, the editor of RDH eVillage Focus, added a little tidbit here to the general observations about this important health campaign — Japanese researchers have computed that 54% of patients with tooth loss have a greater chance for lung cancer.

3) 10 unique dental offices from around the world

Staff writer Lauren Burns offered some details about very unique locations and designs for dental offices. Even if you don't care about the details, you'll probably think, "Nice photos," after viewing this one.

2) Post-election: the effects of Obamacare on dentistry

After the general election, Dr. Roger Levin weighed in on how President Obama's re-election would impact dental care in the United States.

1) Director's Message: 7 principles of masterful dental conversations

The "director" refers to Kristine Hodsdon, RDH, who directs editorial content for RDH eVillage. In her Nov. 6 message, she encouraged dental hygienists who dislike being "pushy" or "manipulative" with patients about needed dental treatment to consider some conversational tips.