Rinser toothbrush creates dental brushing fountain

Nov. 26, 2012
No more sticking your head in the sink to rinse

A new toothbrush on the market will keep messy paper cups out of your bathroom, eliminate the possibility of broken glass in the bathroom, and keep your head out of the sink following brushing.

The new Rinser Brush, created by New York designer Scott Amron, has an integrated miniature funnel that redirects water from the tap into a water-fountain-like arc for swishing. He says the arc of water makes brushing fun, and he likens controlling the little fountain to surfing.

“I just noticed myself putting my head in the sink to get water for rinsing after brushing,” Amron said of his inspiration. “It’s an awkward movement.” So is setting down or moving your toothbrush to your other handin order to pick up a cup and fill it up with water.

The biggest hurdle Amron encountered? "To get it to work the same at every sink was the big hurdle,” he said, noting that different faucets deliver water at different rates.

To watch a video about the new product, visit Amronexperimental.com. To read a recent article visit nytimes.com.

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