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low prophy beaver county OK

April 23, 2012
Rural Oklahoma county offers low prophy fee
Zip code 73847
  • Median fee for adult prophylaxis: $62
  • ADA’s reported median for its West South Central region, which includes Oklahoma: $74
  • Overall, Oklahoma ranks 50th in the country for residents’ annual visits to the dental office; only 57% of the state’s residents visited the dentist in 2011.

The population of zip code 73847 in Beaver County is actually greater than its nearest town, Knowles — 97 to 30. There’s only three people per square mile in the 1,814 square mile county, and 5,200 people are spread across it.

The average size of a ranch or farm in the county is 1,061 acres.

The median income in the county is $45,799, which is about $4,000 higher than the average for the rest of Oklahoma. The 2.9% unemployment in the county is even much lower than the state average of 5.7%.

The county seat, Beaver, does boast visitors from all over the country due to the recreational activities available at Beaver Dunes Park. Oklahoma City is 220 miles away. The dune buggy riding covers 520 acres of sand hills.