The implant dilemma: Restorative contours sometimes challenge hygienists

April 19, 2012
Dr. Chris Salierno addresses the restorative contours resulting from implant restorations, which often challenge the dental hygienist during preventive maintenance.

Dr. Chris Salierno wrote an article for the June 2012 issue of RDH magazine titled, "The implant dilemma: Restorative contours sometimes challenge hygienists."

Dr. Salierno wrote, "In the attempt to restore broken teeth or replace ones that are missing, restorative dentistry may introduce contours that are not found in nature. These unnatural contours can have adverse effects on the periodontium and surrounding teeth."

He added, "Dental implant restorations can also introduce contours that prove problematic for hygiene ... the literature has clearly established that plaque and calculus can lead to peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. ... Although comparisons may be drawn to the contours of pontic designs, the presence of a transmucosal abutment and peri-implant sulcus add surface area that is challenging to maintain."

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In addition, Dr. Salierno teams up with Dr. Scott Froum and Rebekah Duffy, RDH, to present a course at the 2012 RDH Under One Roof conference titled, "Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment of Implant Complications: A Hygienist’s Role."

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