RDH samples and offers - September 2009

Sept. 21, 2009
Free samples and special offers associated with the September 2009 issue of RDH magazine.

Company/Product: Colgate® Oral Health Advisor
Offer: Enroll in the Oral Health Advisor program and receive free chairside patient education tools and brochures, free patient samples, and free online CE courses 24/7
Where: Visit www.colgateoralhealthadvisor.com

Company/Product: Patterson EagleSoft
Offer: Free Practice Management Software
Where: Visit www.eaglesoft.com or call 1-800-294-8504

Company/Product: Kerr TotalCare / PerfectPearl Paste
Offer: Give PerfectPearl Paste a try with 10 free samples. Every main box of 200 paste cups has a trial size box of 10 free sample paste cups attached.
Where: Call 1-800-841-1428 or visit www.KerrTotalCare.com

Company/Product: Kerr TotalCare / PerfectPearl Disposable Prophy Angle
Offer: Buy Two Boxes of PerfectPearl Disposable Prophy Angles – get 1 pair of Pearl Earrings Free.
Where: Visit www.KerrTotalCare.com or call 1-800-841-1428

Company/Product: Waterpik UltraThin 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish
Offer: Free Trial Package

Company/Product: DMG America / ClearShield Fluoride Varnish
Offer: Free samples
Where: Call 1-800-662-6383 or visit www.dmg-america.com/clearshield

Company/Product: DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical / Oraqix
Offer: Buy 3 boxes of Oraqix, get a $60 rebate
Where: Call 1-800-225-2787 or visit www.oraqix.com

Company/Product: Supermax Aurelia Quest Nitrile Gloves
Offer: Free Sample
Where: Call 1-877-287-3542 or e-mail [email protected]

Company/Product: RDH Event Virtual Tradeshow
Offer: Free CE, Free Registration, and Free Prizes
Where: www.rdhevent.com

Company/Product: Parnell Pharmaceuticals / Mouth Kote
Offer: Free Samples
Where: Call 1-800-457-4276 or email: [email protected]

Company/Product: OraMoist Dry Mouth Treatment
Offer: Free Trial Sample
Where: Call 1-800-448-1448 or visit www.ora-moist.com

Please refer to the advertisement in the magazine or contact the company directly for the specific details pertaining to the offers listed above. You can access the digital version of the magazine by visiting online.qmags.com.