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Aug. 9, 2010
RDH Editor Mark Hartley acknowledges with gratitude the assistance of RDH eVillage readers in providing article ideas for RDH magazine. In addition, he shares the results of a survey question about how often hygienists use the Internet for professional reasons.

In the July 23, 2010, issue of RDH eVillage, Kristine Hodsdon was kind enough to allow RDH magazine to insert a survey about editorial content within the magazine in 2011.

I am very grateful for all who took the time to offer their suggestions. I used quite a few of the ideas as part of the framework in developing the “editorial calendar,” a document that is inserted in the magazine’s media kit every year. I know RDH authors valued your input too. They enjoy writing very much, but sometimes you need to tickle their imaginations. So your responses were very successful in inspiring us.

Don’t forget. Authors in RDH magazine do not belong in any exclusive club. I think Kristine would echo my sentiments too, as they pertain to RDH eVillage. We’re always interested in working with new authors who would like to try writing an article for RDH magazine or RDH eVillage.

You can contact me here, or Kristine here.

Finally, the survey in RDH eVillage contained a question that had nothing to do with the magazine’s editorial content for 2011. I thought you might like to see the results of that question.

If you’re interested in the actual numbers, it’s:
  • 43% of 214 respondents said they access the Internet for professional reasons “occasionally, when a specific need arises.”
  • 31% said they do it “fairly frequently, once a week or so.”
  • 25% said they do it “Daily, or close to it.”
  • 1% said they “never” access the Internet for professional reasons.

As the question stated, only RDH eVillage readers participated in the survey. These readers already use the Internet for professional reasons simply by subscribing to RDH eVillage. A similar poll of RDH magazine readers might well result in different statistics.

Again, thank you very much for participating in the survey.

Mark Hartley
Editor, RDH magazine