Sept. 27, 2010
What did dental hygienists read on DentistryIQ during the summer of 2010? We'll tell you.
1.) RDH eVillage salary survey, part 5
Please note that this is based on 2009 statistics. But the article became hot reading material again when a series of salary surveys, both recent and older, revived this outlook for dental hygienists in 2009. Hygiene salaries are always a popular topic.2.) New Premedication Guidelines
We’re not sure why this January 2008 Staff Rx column in RDH magazine was popular reading material over the summer. But Dianne Glasscoe Watterson’s advice usually has a long shelf life.3.) Arnold Chiari One Malformation: A personal story
In August, RDH eVillage published the heart-warming story of Agnes Starr, a dental hygienist who had been diagnosed with Arnold Chiari One Malformation. Starr’s story elaborated on her struggles to find an accurate diagnosis for her symptoms to using her hygiene background to learn how to help others.4.) The dental community is the first line of defense in early detection of oral cancer
Sabrina Hinkle’s account of two women who were diagnosed with oral cancer led her to conclude, “What is your reason for NOT routinely performing an oral cancer exam, whether or not you elect to charge for this procedure? We all can make a difference in the oral cancer mortality rate.”5.) Bad blood? Survey results indicate a struggle for doctors and hygienists to be respectful toward each other
Do dentists and dental hygienists often get nasty with each other? Apparently, they do, according to a recent RDH eVillage survey. Twenty-one percent say behavior problems between dentists and dental hygienists arise weekly.Click on any of the above titles to read the articles.