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I Love My Boss on Valentines Day

Feb. 4, 2010
Dental hygienists convey their affection for the boss, and this glass of romantic wine is half empty ... or is it half full?   

by Mark Hartley, Editor of RDH magazine

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!Oh, did you think that was for you? Tell your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend to simmer down. I wasn’t extending that term of endearment to you. It’s for my boss. He gets paid big bucks to read what I write, so I might as well wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day.How about you? Will you tell your boss Happy Valentine’s Day ... and mean it? In the last issue, RDH eVillage asked readers if they love their boss (in a platonic, nonsexual way). RDH eVillage readers love a little more than half of the dental bosses out there. (The tally was 52% to 47% with 524 responding.)The “I love my boss” sentiment doesn’t necessarily translate to a more tangible expression, such as a card or treat. Here are some more sentiments from the readers who said they love their boss:• 39% said they would show their appreciation with a card or treat.• 33% were uncertain (the survey was published in the January 22 issue of RDH eVillage, three weeks before the holiday).• 28% said the boss wouldn’t appreciate the gesture.• 1% said they did not “particularly care” for the boss.Let’s compare these results with the dental hygienists who said “no” to whether they love the boss.• 49% said the boss wouldn’t appreciate the gesture.• 39% said they did not “particularly care” for the boss.• 7% were uncertain• 5% said they would show their appreciation with a card or treat.Is the glass of wine half-full or half-empty on this Valentine’s Day?RDH eVillage also laid out the red carpet, and asked if readers had anything they wished to say to their employer on this most sentimental of holidays. We include their comments below, but start with a note from Patty Walsh, who wrote Kristine Hodsdon, the director of RDH eVillage, an e-mail about her boss.Dear Kristine, My boss, our dear Dr. Brady, was to have left on a mission trip to Haiti in a week. Do I love my boss? Yes indeed, and he needs our support now more than ever. The trip was cancelled and he is heartbroken. The walls of our office are full of photographs of smiling Haitian children. He had been to Haiti on a previous occasion with Dr. Lowney's Haitian Health Foundation. I know full well the feeling of anger and frustration of not being able to do something immediately for a country with which you have personal ties. I had been in Thailand just prior to the tsunami. I desperately tried to get on a volunteer team but could not. I kept my promise to myself and went later. I will always be an advocate for the children of rural Thailand. The same must ring true for those who have been to Haiti.
Tom Brady is the most generous and kind boss a hygienist could have. He’s a darn good clinician too. No, I don't give him a Valentines Day card, but he does get a St. Patrick’s Day card every year. Attached is a photograph of our boss man next to Emmett Otter at Goodspeed Opera House during our Christmas party this year. Kind Regards, Patty Walsh Here are more comments from those who love their boss:• Thanks for refusing to give up on me. No matter what, I know you've got my back. You've shown how much you appreciate me, now it's my turn to show you my appreciation. You're the best, today, and every day!• Our boss always gets gift cards with a flower for us. He likes to show his appreciation for the front office and dental hygienists together instead of on our own special day. Kind of weird but we love it. We give him Boss's Day cards.• She would appreciate a treat brought into the break room for everyone. Homemade baked goods or, better yet, a tray of healthy snacks. Many of us work over lunch and eat on the run.Were there any particularly unromantic comments directed toward bosses, as in “take this job and …” You bet! We felt like those comments deserved their own special page, so click here.