The Vera road trip: A day with samples from Young Dental

March 20, 2018
Anne Guignon, RDH, comments on sample campaign initiated by Young Dental.
Screenshot of Young Dental website page announcing #ADayWithVera.

By Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP

Who doesn’t love going on a road trip with a friend? Imagine you and your dental hygiene buddy, Vera, pick a destination, and head out for a fun, carefree day. A road trip is the perfect way to spend time together. The focus is on fun and getting to know each other better and enjoying whatever unexpected experiences might pop up during the journey.

The gas tank is full, and the sun’s soft light is gradually illuminating this year’s crop of wildflowers. You both love Broadway tunes and have amassed a long list of melodies to play throughout the trip. The conversation ebbs and flows as you cruise down the highway, soaking up the beautiful scenery. How exciting to share so many great clinical tips with Vera as the two of you while away the day.

The #A Day With Vera campaign

Back to reality, the reality of another day in the clinical setting. But today is different because you’ve got Vera along for the ride to take care of some of your most favorite patients. What? Who is this Vera? Don’t you remember clicking a link a few weeks ago, taking you to a landing page called #A Day With Vera? In exchange for answering a few questions, you and thousands of other hygienists are getting the opportunity to spend a good portion of a clinical day with a great selection of Young Dental’s Vera angles and paste.

A package addressed to you arrived from Young Dental at your clinical office yesterday. Typically, sample campaigns provide enough product to treat one or two patients. It’s hard to really compare your current product or anything you’ve used in the past with just one or two samples. It’s common to toss single samples into a drawer. Maybe you’ll use it someday, maybe not. At best, that sample might get used when you’re running low. It’s just human nature. We do the same kind of thing when we get a single dose of a cosmetic and hair care product. It’s just not enough exposure to consider a change.

Young Dental clearly understands our behavior, so the company created a special sampling campaign called #A day with Vera. The package contains enough Vera angles and paste cups to treat six patients in a row. This opportunity will allow you to seriously compare two unique products to your current and angles and paste.

Features of prophy angle

What makes a VERA prophy angle so different? First, the body is very slender and petite. The rounded head improves visibility and enhances ergonomics. It’s also reliable and makes it easy to access hard-to-reach areas such as a patient with tight cheek muscles, a limited opening, crowded teeth, impossible-to-reach third molars, or a big, curious tongue. The body features a precision gripping surface that reduces pinch grip and makes it easier to rotate the angle to access malpositioned teeth.

The Vera Elite cup has both internal and external polishing ribs that flex easily over the entire tooth surface. Multiple polishing ribs use of your time efficiently by removing stain more quickly. Vera has smooth, precision gears that do not stall or bind. It is possible to polish the entire mouth with only one angle—a factor that helps control office expenses. The Vera sample box comes with both classic straight-profile angles and the contra-angled style.

Features of prophy paste

Six prophy paste cups of the VERA Advanced Bright Prophy Paste are included in the sample box. This unique prophy paste is formulated with baking soda, a natural whitening agent that also neutralizes the oral pH as it removes stain. It contains 1.23% sodium fluoride, is gluten free, and sweetened with xylitol. All three flavors—Artic Mint, Berry Blast, and Cinnaburst—are included. You also have the opportunity to use both grits: the fine polish and the stain remover, which is perfect for patients with coffee and tea stains.

Want to have a bit more fun? The box contains instructions on how to spend the day with Vera and larger-than-life cutout that can be used in all kinds of clever photos. Why not upload some cute images to Facebook or Instagram on how you spent your day with Vera? Will you have the cleverest photo?

If you didn’t see the earlier offer, it’s not too late to get your free sample pack. Click on this link so you can spend a fun day with Vera in your office.

Now an update on the Vera road trip. You and Vera laughing as you belt out the lyrics Getting to Know You, from the 1951 Broadway classic, The King And I, written by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Imagine yourself humming along to Getting to know you / Getting to know you / Getting to know all about you / Getting to like you / Getting to hope you like me ...

Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP, provides popular programs, including topics on biofilms, power driven scaling, ergonomics, hypersensitivity, and remineralization. Recipient of the 2004 Mentor of the Year Award and the 2009 ADHA Irene Newman Award, Anne has practiced clinical dental hygiene in Houston since 1971 and can be contacted at [email protected].