Service offers affordable legal, license protection for many professions

Sept. 7, 2006
Professional membership society eliminates malpractice, E&O insurance loopholes, and protects those without professional insurance.

BALTIMORE, Maryland--Teachers, dentists, physicians, therapists, realtors, and attorneys all have something in common: their careers and livelihood depend on their state-issued licenses.

While many licensed professionals spend hundreds or thousands in malpractice or E&O insurance every month, very few can expect legal protection if faced with a state licensing board action.

With this in mind, SML Holdings has launched a new service designed specifically to help professionals protect and save their licenses, their careers, their good name, and their livelihood from state board and administrative regulatory actions.

Save My License ( enables licensed professionals in almost any occupation to receive up to $100,000 in costs and legal fees to protect against any state or national board, administrative, or regulatory action that threatens their license and their livelihood.

Offering different levels of protection for low, mid, and high-risk careers, Save My License members can protect their professional license(s) with plans that are offered in protection levels of $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000 and start at $49 per year. All levels of membership include protection against fines a member may be obligated to pay.

"Administrative actions against a professionals' license, whether serious or frivolous, are incredibly disrupting, and can be fatal, to a person's career, and will affect their reputation, their livelihood, their family, and their income. When a persons license is under threat, It's absolutely critical that all licensed professionals have the resources and access to experienced legal counsel on short notice to effectively fight for their good name and their livelihood," said Raymond Miller, President of

"There are literally hundreds of professions in the United States that have no protection whatsoever against threats to their license by a regulatory or administrative licensing board, this includes teachers, home inspectors, accountants, real estate appraisers, aviation pilots, and boat captains, just to name a few. The legal expenses to protect yourself against just one nuisance complaint could be enough to ruin someone financially; and you have no choice because if you don't protect yourself and exercise your rights, you will lose your license and will never be able to work in your profession."

"According to our research, which is based both on policy reviews of professions that carry malpractice or E&O insurance, as well as professions who have no such protection; even if the individual licensee potentially has coverage in their malpractice insurance--such coverage is 1) very limited in value, 2) will never allow the licensee to choose their own attorney, and 3) will never assist them in the payment of fines or restitution. Save My License covers this critical loophole, providing the peace-of-mind professionals need when challenges occur, whether they have professional insurance or not."