StudentRDH helps candidates prepare for the local anesthesia board exams

March 22, 2016
StudentRDH has launched its second review course, providing learning aids to dental hygienists studying for the local anesthesia (WREB, CDCA) board exams via its website.

StudentRDH, a dental hygiene boards prep company, has launched its second review course, now providing a studying solution to dental hygienists preparing for the local anesthesia (WREB, CDCA) boards via its website.

StudentRDH’s e-learning platform is a solution for preparing for the local anesthesia boards. The platform includes seven chapters and study notes on 121 topics, practice questions (including calculation), and a mock exam. Users can study anywhere from their computer, tablet, or phone with web-access.

The boards review course works on a one-time membership that is valid for two months, and the cost is $49.

Features unique to StudentRDH are:

  • Comprehensive content in a concise format: Study notes cover all important points but are straight to the point without any “fluff.” The practice questions provide immediate feedback with detailed explanation.
  • Customized e-learning tools that maximizes learning potential: Topics that are identified as strength by the user are shown with a green checkmark. This way, users can easily find their weaknesses out of the 121 topics and fill the gap in their knowledge. For example, if the topic of palatal injections has no checkmark, the user know he/she should go back to this section during lunch time. As the topics are marked, the progress bar moves towards 100%, which gives users an overview of their performance. Each quiz score is compared to the average of others who took the same quiz, which feature allows users understand where they stand on a national scale and motivate them to perform better. Also a “gold tooth” is awarded whenever the user scores 75% and above on a quiz. This method of positive reinforcement psychology is helping users have fun while studying.
  • Mock exam that simulates a real exam environment: The mock exam is taken on the computer with a countdown timer. This feature enormously helped candidates feel more confident for the boards and minimize poor performance related to anxiety.

“Our goal is to help students and practicing hygienists who have busy schedules absorb quality content in the most efficient way possible,” said Claire Jeong, RDH, MS. “The key to our success lies in how StudentRDH customized educational technology to perfectly fit dental hygiene study materials. We carefully listened to the students’ demand and solved their problems.”

But none of the technology is intimidating as users find the online courses very intuitive. The efficacy of this second course for anesthesia boards—after its first National boards review course—is already being proven as users are reporting “pass” on their exams.

Jeong said, “Dental hygiene is evolving rapidly, and StudentRDH would like to contribute in elevating the profession by providing superior education solutions.”

StudentRDH is an education company based in Boston. StudentRDH has developed an e-learning platform to deliver two online courses: National Boards Review and Local Anesthesia Boards Review. StudentRDH is active on Facebook and Instagram through which it provides free educational content.