2013 RDH eVilllage salary survey questionnaire

Oct. 7, 2013
Survey questions ask dental hygienists about income earned in 2013.

The fourth installment of the RDH eVillage salary survey is the one where we ask you to comment on something personal: How much money do you make?

We apologize in advance for asking the rather personal question. But we do appreciate you taking the time to participate in the survey. The only demographic question we ask is: In what state do you practice? We do not wish for you to identify yourself in any other way. If many hygienists will participate, we can offer a more realistic projection of salary trends within a state. So we even encourage you to consider forwarding this link to colleagues.

Sixteen questions are in the survey. Only two questions solicit answers requiring a written response. The first is for hygienists who earn an income based on commissions, for example. There really is no way to offer multiple-choice answers given the variety of incentive-based programs there are. So we ask those hygienists to provide a brief description of how income is earned.

The final question too is open-ended. We ask if there are trends in dental hygiene income in your area that you have noticed. In our opinion, these comments are often the most interesting part of the related articles that are written. So we hope you will take a moment to answer the final question as well.

Finally, we hope 2013 was good year for you, given the tough economic years behind us. If not, we are hopeful that dental hygiene will resume being a rewarding career financially, as well as personally, in 2014.

To begin answering the survey, click here.

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