Join us in the PennWell Dental Commnunity

April 25, 2008
Online social network allows dental professionals to exchange messages, videos, and photos.

The PennWell Dental Communityspins off the main home page for RDH eVillage, RDH magazine, and Dental Economics. The Web site has a MySpace feel to it in that dental professionals can post photos, messages, and videos to fellow members. Unlike MySpace, though, the members of the PennWell Dental Community are very open about their identities and career status to fellow members.

The Web address for the community is But the site can also be accessed by clicking on "community" at the top of the Web page for the magazines and e-newsletters.

As of April 23, the PennWell Dental Community contained the profiles of 163 members — primarily writers, dental consultants, speakers, and, yes, the editors of PennWell's dental publications. The membership is expected to grow exponentially once the site is promoted to the readership of RDH and Dental Economics magazines during the month of May.

In addition, numerous groups and forum discussions have been initiated on topics of interest to dental professionals.

And, of course, the PennWell Dental Community welcomes the citizens of RDH eVillage. So come visit us today by clicking here.