A Lasting Impression

Feb. 27, 2009
RDH eVillage interviews a hygienist who underwent an image makeover and is now the model in an advertisement in Speaker magazine.

Director's note: I recently noticed a magnificent advertisement in the January/February 2009 issue of the National Speaker's Association magazine, Speaker. A before-and-after photo of none other than Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, (anastasiardh.com; speaker, author, and coach) appeared. The idea of "image" sparked me to send Anastasia some questions for her to answer the whys supporting her decision for a makeover. Please read the related article, "What do you mean, Raise My Image, Raise My Income?" by image expert Janice Hurley-Trailor, (janicehurleytrailor.com) and take the RDH eVillage survey on image.

Anastasia appeared in above advertisement for Speaker magazine.

Tell us a little about your background and how you got into speaking andconsulting.

I was working as a full time clinical hygienist for about 15 years and began to feel uncomfortable, painful sensasations in my wrist and neck. I had to take the necessary steps to reposition myself in this career, and I sought guidance from Linda Miles. In 2001, I attended her professional group, SCN, Speaking/Consulting Network. To my surprise, it sparked my passion for speaking and consulting.

Why did you seek out a professional image expert?

I didn't seek out an image expert. In fact, it never entered my mind. Janice Hurley approached me at SCN in 2004. I knew that Janice was the image expert. Naturally, I was apprehensive at first, as this was also a challenging time in my personal life. Janice has a gift in revealing your best; you embrace it and enjoy the ride!

Wow! It transformed my image — not only of me but also to those who know me in this profession. I've now been asked to present on how image affects you and reflects your message.

Can you share your thoughts about the importance of "image" when you are working clinically vs. speaking?

Working clinically, our "image" should reflect a team appearance in reference to our uniforms/scrubs. When you wear the uniform, you represent the practice and your profession. No matter where you go, whether it is to lunch or the bank, how you "look" and "act" directly links you back to the practice.

As a speaker, I believe that "image" is more significant as I am the brand or business. Let's take my own example to explain further.

A speaker's or consultant's image is almost non-stop as that is the nature of business! The impression you represent may be based upon what you wear both on and off the platform, how you maintain your physical appearance, and whether your body language or verbal language echos with the latter.

How would you recommend a colleague tell another colleague that they need an image makeover?

I would recommend a tactful, honest conversation. This person may not realize how their image could impair their success. Share your own image makeover experience or your process of seeking an image expert and the benefits you expect to enjoy as a result.

What are a few signs one should look for in their own mirror?

Recognize that image does require maintanence! Assess how long you have had that hair style, hair color, type of make-up, colors of make-up, jewlery accent choices, wardrobe, etc., and get real with yourself to determine whether your current image speaks your message loud and clear.

As a speaker and consultant, I believe that my professional image never rests; my audience and clients deserve my best! It reinforces my motto: Take What You Learn & Make a Difference with "It."

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