Elaine Tierney recalls winning Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction

March 11, 2010
Poughkeepsie, NY, hygienist recalls receiving the 2006 Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction. The deadline for entering this year's award is March 31.

The 2006 Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction was awarded to (seated, from left) Tracy Lynn Collins of Hawthorne, NJ; Jane Weiner of Tamarac, FL; Lisa Doyle of Virginia Beach, VA; (standing, from left) Carol Dahlke of Dayton, MN; Maureen Titus of Los Osos, CA; Caron Shipley of Olathe, KS; Lisa Klockenteger of Paso Robles, CA; and Elaine Rose Tierney of Poughkeepsie, NY.

In 2006, eight hygienists were honored with the Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction during ceremonies at the RDH Under One Roof conference in Las Vegas.

Elaine Rose Tierney of Poughkeepsie, NY, was one of the award recipients.

She recently recalled her experience, saying, "Being the recipient of this award was the highlight of my dental hygiene career. It has a place in my office where my patients can see it and comment on it, and they do at least every week!

"It also has a special place in my heart as well. We were treated so wonderful and special by everyone involved in the process. They make hygienists all over the United States feel very important. They value our experince and opinions with high regard, And I felt especially honored and proud to be on the cover of RDH (The above photo appeared on the cover of the September 2006 issue)! Thank you all once again for having me be a part of such a great event. Good luck to all of the 2010 candidates."

The deadline to enter the 2010 award process is March 31, 2010. Click here to enter.