Present Yourself for Success

June 22, 2007
Looking for your next job position? Here are some reminders for the job interview.

It's springtime, meaning new grads are out looking for their first jobs, and the snow has melted, allowing the rest of us to get outside and start looking for the next position. There are a few things to remember when we present ourselves at an office for an interview. Following are tips of what to do and what not to do, including some drawn from unpleasant situations we have encountered while interviewing candidates for RDH Temps, Inc. These suggestions may seem obvious, but you would be surprised!

What to do when going for an interview

• Be on time

• Wear a smile on your face. Look happy to be there!

• Wear neat, clean, unwrinkled clothes.

• A uniform is acceptable, but not required.

• Take a shower that morning.

• Comb, brush, or style your hair.

• Bring an up-to-date resume, without things scratched out or handwritten in.

• Be enthusiastic about your career.

• Be ready with any questions you may have.

What not to do when going for an interview

• Do not wear tight, short skirts.

• Do not wear tight, form-fitting pants.

• Do not wear face-piercing jewelry.

• Do not chew gum.

• Do not leave your cell phone on. Shut it off or at least set it to vibrate.

• Do not consume large quantities of garlic or alcohol within 24 hours of the interview.

• Do not wear clothing that exposes the midriff.

• Do not speak poorly of past employers.

• Do not take a job for the sake of taking a job &mash; you can always temp!

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