Director's Message: So you want another job? Then don't play it safe!

Sept. 12, 2012
Kristine Hodsdon, RDH, tells us that, in an uncertain economy, the tendency may be to avoid risk, to err on the side of safety.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.” — William Shedd

In an uncertain economy, the tendency may be to avoid risk, to err on the side of safety. But lean times are a great time to try new or unproven strategies at work, to go against conventional wisdom, to take calculated risks, to listen to the lessons of others, and to remain open to innovation.

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Take this self-quiz to see whether you could benefit from a little more "danger" on the job or in your career.

1. I am willing to take action, even when there is risk involved.

2. I plan for the worst — but expect the best.

3. I am acquainted with failure, and it doesn't scare me.

4. To me, innovation sounds exciting, not spooky.

5. I want to reach my potential and my dream, so I'm willing to walk out on the ledge a bit.

6. I'm working to succeed, not to avoid making mistakes.

7. I'd rather face uncomfortable things head-on and grow in the process rather than remain small.

8. My motto is "Imperfect Action." I'd rather act and then correct than wait until something is perfect before taking action.

9. I agree with the saying, "Change is good. Through it, we discover a more complete sense of ourselves.”

10. I could play it safe and never fail, but that would be no fun.

11. I look at the willingness to take risk (and to feel uncomfortable because of it) as an essential quality of leadership.

12. I can be safe and adequate, or I can take a chance and be boundless.

If you answered "false" more often than "true," you may benefit from listening and learning from the professionals in the Dental Influencers Empowerment Teleseries 2012. They may share a strategy or idea to assist you through the fear that may be keeping you stuck at safe and not moving forward.

Kristine A. Hodsdon

Director, RDH eVillage