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For the GNYDM: A guide to restaurants in the Big Apple

Oct. 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is just around the corner, and we know that you don’t have time to research the hot spots – not the tourist traps (don’t get BBQ in Times Square), but the local favorites.

Fortunately for you, your pals at have consulted real life New York City locals for their favorite places(see a map). Drs. Scott Froum, Chris Salierno and Marty Jablow have offered to share their favorite New York restaurants with us.

Don’t get caught paying too much for food that is subpar. You’re in NYC, for goodness’ sake – pay too much for food that is spectacular.

Bon appetit!

Dr. Scott’s Picks:

Benjamin Steakhouse
52 East 41st Street

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From our expert:This is my personal favorite. It has a great ambiance. It’s in the Dylan Hotel, and it has great steaks and even better bar scene. 41st and Madison.

Del Frisco’s of New York
1221 6th Avenue

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From our expert:Again good ambiance, good steaks. Beautiful people. 49th and 6th.

Strip House
13 East 12th Street
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From our expert:
This is a smaller venue. They have great steaks and seafood. It’s very trendy, so you’ll need reservations.

BLT Steak
106 East 57th Street
(between Park and Lexington)
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From our expert:Some of the best steak and a great scene. You’ll need reservations.

125 West 55th Street
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From our expert:
This is my personal favorite for seafood. It’s the freshest seafood in town. Great ambiance. Very exclusive. Bring your checkbook. 58th between 5th and 6th.

Nobu Fifty Seven
40 West 57th Street
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From our expert:
This is a very well-known sushi and seafood place.

"The restaurant showcases Nobu's signature new style Japanese cuisine withclassic dishes such as Yellowtail with Jalapeño and Black Cod with Miso..."

BLT Fish
21 West 17th Street
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TAO Asian Bistro
42 East 58th Street
(between Park & Madison Avenues)
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From our expert:
Amazing scene and very popular eclectic dishes.

39 East 58th Street

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From our expert:Again, a very trendy scene. They have a great meatball appetizer. 59th and 6th.

Il Palazzo
151 Mulberry Street
(In Manhattan’s Little Italy district)

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From our expert:
They have some of the best food in Little Italy – great pasta (and good fish and chips if you’re on a low-carb diet).

75 9th Avenue
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From our expert:
This is in the meatpacking district. Again, a great scene.

One Bryant Park
135 West 42nd Street
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From our expert:
This is where you’ll find the best wine list. It’s very trendy. Bring your checkbook. 42nd and 7th.

Dr. Chris’s Picks:

The Park
118 10th Avenue


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From our expert:Great atmosphere and reasonable prices for the quality.

Del Posto
85 10th Avenue
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From our expert:
Expensive, but incredible, Italian dining – one of Batali's restaurants.

Gramercy Tavern
42 East 20th Street

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From our expert:This is one of the best New York has to offer. Danny Meyer made his name with this place and it still delivers some of the best service around.

Union Square Café
21 East 16th Street
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From our expert:Another Danny Meyer installation, so expect outstanding service.

Dr. Marty’s Picks:

2450 Broadway

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From our expert:
This is a great Italian place that serves large portions family style. It can be difficult to get a reservation, but there are two locations: the original one on the Upper West Side and one in the Theater District.

Tony’s DiNapoli
147 West 43rd Street
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From our expert:Another great Italian restaurant, similar to Carmines. The food is just as good and it’s easier to get a reservation. There are two locations: one in Times Square at the Casablanca Hotel and one on the Upper East Side.

Bar Americain
152 W 52nd Street

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From our expert:This is a Bobby Flay restaurant with a good food menu, from fish to steak.

Mesa Grill
102 Fifth Avenue


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From our expert:Another Bobby Flay restaurant, this one with Southwest flair.

"From Spice Rubbed New York Strip Steak with House-Made MESA Steak Sauceto Chile Relleno, dining at Mesa Grill continues to electrify diners year after year."

105 Hudson Street
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From our expert:Great Asian fusion restaurant. The Tribeca location (105 Hudson Street) is great for seeing celebrities. The two other locations have great food as well.

56 Beaver Street
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Keens Steakhouse
72 West 36 Street

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From our expert:Keens was established over 100 years ago. Interesting clay pipe collection, featuring the pipes of many celebrities. Great steak.

Peter Luger (Brooklyn)
178 Broadway

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Katz’s Delicatessen
205 East Hudson Street

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Carnegie Deli
854 7th Avenue at 55th Street

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From our expert:Both Katz’s and Carnegie are classic Jewish delis with large servings. Don’t forget a potato knish!

Junior’s Cheesecake (Brooklyn)
386 Flatbush Avenue

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More advice from Dr. Marty:Go to Little Italy and China Town. Get a bagel. Go to Junior’s for the cheesecake.

See a map of the restaurants on this list

Lauren Burns is the editor of Proofs magazine and the email newsletters RDH Graduate and Proofs. She is currently based out of New York City. Follow her on Twitter: @ellekeid.