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Heraeus to Launch New Provisional Material

Feb. 21, 2012
Product to launch at Chicago Midwinter. Venus Temp 2 allows patients to transition seamlessly from provisional to final restoration.
SOUTH BEND, IND. —Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, the worldwide leader in dental esthetics, announced that it has developed a new provisional material for the U.S. market that looks, feels, and performs like the final restoration. The material, Venus Temp 2, will be introduced at the 2012 Midwinter Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society February 23-25. Venus Temp 2 is a 10:1 auto-mix, two component bis-acrylic provisional material used to create provisionals such as temporary crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, and long-term temporaries. The resulting provisionals deliver a combination of esthetics and strength that is remarkably comparable to that of a final restoration. Venus Temp 2 provisionals exhibit excellent polishability and luster, as well as high flexural strength, very low shrinkage, and a very low oxygen inhibition layer.The exceptional esthetic values and strength of Venus Temp 2 ensure a level of accuracy and reliability that will meet or exceed the expectations of both dentists and patients.“Beautiful restorations should be a transforming experience, but that experience is diminished when the provisional looks and feels different from the final restoration,” said Lee Ann Brady, DMD, who has tested the new provisional material. “With the unprecedented esthetics and functionality of Venus Temp 2, we can finally allow our patients to transition seamlessly from provisional to final restoration.” Dr. Brady also noted that when patients are fitted with Venus Temp 2 temporaries, they are able to envision what their final smile will look like. “Patients don’t like surprises any more than we do,” she said, “which is why it’s so important that Venus Temp 2 delivers the predictability we both demand.”Venus Temp 2 and other Heraeus products will be on exhibit at Booth #1600 at the 2012 Midwinter Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society February 23-25 at McCormick Place. Attendees who purchase $995 of Venus Temp 2 and Flexitime impression materials will receive a free new Flexitime® Dynamix® speed impression material mixing machine, which is also being introduced by Heraeus at the Midwinter Meeting.For more information on Heraeus or its products, call (800) 431-1785 or visit

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