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Sept. 1, 2004

Cosmetic Polishing Restorative - CPR

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CPR’s proprietary formula of special polishing agents renews the luster of composite and porcelain restorations. A 70-cent unit dose of CPR applied with a prophy brush can be used after adjustments, as a stand-alone elective procedure, or incorporated regularly in tandem with dental hygiene procedures - regular prophy paste on natural teeth, and CPR on all restoratives. With routine use, CPR’s ability to clean and finely polish may help minimize staining, reduce opposing abrasion, and maintain the natural look of restoratives. Patients who have elective or old-looking restorations may desire to renew and maintain their natural dental work with CPR. Fees for cosmetic prophylaxis range from $25 to $150 depending on the condition and number of units revitalized. The price is $69.95. You may purchase CPR through your dental dealer or call (877) 477-5486.

New Crest SpinBrush Pro Whitening

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Whitening is the No. 1 cosmetic procedure requested by consumers ages 20 to 50. Now, anyone who wants a sparkling smile can achieve one with new Crest SpinBrush Pro Whitening. The battery-operated toothbrush features a patented whitening bristle system that removes up to 88 percent of surface stains for whiter teeth in just 14 days. A dense field of oscillating bristles prophy cup-shaped tips keeps more paste in contact with the tooth surface. A rubber polishing strip also traps more paste on the tooth surface and acts like a squeegee to polish and remove stains. Special “sparkly” whitening bristles help remove stains and plaque.

At just $7.99, a Hollywood smile is affordable and accessible to most people. For more information, visit

Stand out from the crowd

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Stand out from the crowd when you send Halloween recall or reminder cards, or a colorful Thanksgiving greeting. Postcards, folding cards, magnets, toothbrushes with dental-themed images are sure to delight patients and referring colleagues. Plan ahead for the holiday season and get early bird savings from SmartPractice. Select from hundreds of new products to communicate with patients throughout the holiday season. When you send special holiday greetings, you invite patients into your dental practice family, encouraging loyalty and referrals at the same time. If you have not received your Dental Holiday catalog from SmartPractice, call (800) 522-0800.

New self-study recordkeeping course

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This self-study course details recommended documentation techniques for complete record-keeping to support diagnostic and treatment decisions as well as to prevent malpractice and adverse utilization review problems with insurance carriers. This self-study program may be appropriate for dentists or staff or both who are required to complete a record-keeping course.

Written by Carol Tekavec, CDA, RDH, and ADA Seminar Series lecturer, the course contains a printed PowerPoint course and CD; sample record and 28-page instruction booklet; Informed Consent Booklet of 26 individual and reproducible forms; FDA guidelines for prescribing dental radiographs; evaluation of a record guidelines; self-test, and Course Confirmation Certificate. The course description may be viewed at www.steppingstonesto or call Stepping Stones to Success for a free catalog at (800) 548-2164.

Henry Schein Criterion™ nonwoven sponges

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The new Henry Schein Criterionnonwoven sponges offer maximum absorbency and performance. Both nonsterile and sterile sponges feature a 4-ply blend of polyester and rayon with open weaves that are softer and gentler than other sponges. Nonsterile sponges are available in 2 x 2, 3 x 3, and 4 x 4 inch sizes and are sold in packages of 200. The sterile sponges are available in 2 x 2-inch size in packages of 50.

Sullivan-Schein is the exclusive distributor of Henry Schein brand products. For more information, call (800) 372-4346 or visit

J-pak II - toothbrushes for kids!

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The friendly and free-standing J-pak II is designed especially for children 2 to 8 years old. J-pak II comes in five cartoon characters - puppy, seal, bull, kitty, and bunny. The toothbrush has extra-soft, rounded-end, nylon bristles with matching brush cap. The ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip. Each box contains 50 individually sealed packs in an assortment at $46 per box. Mention item D008-001-P. To order, call (888) 841-8481 or visit

My Magic Tooth Fairy Pillow

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Created by a licensed dental hygienist, My Magic Tooth Fairy Pillow is a keepsake that every young child will enjoy using. A small pocket on the back of each tooth-shaped pillow stores a deciduate tooth to be placed under the child’s pillow. When the Tooth Fairy visits, a parent can exchange the tooth for a nice morning surprise.

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My Magic Tooth Fairy Pillow features a magnet on the back so it can be stored on a refrigerator for next time. The pillows are handcrafted and stuffed with 100-percent antibacterial cotton fiber. They are packaged in 4 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch bags with hanging tabs and come with play money in the pocket. Best of all, there are 2,000 assorted boys and girls prints.

For more information, e-mail yvonne@magic, call (800) 210-5875 ext. 0937, or visit

Oral-B® Brush-Ups for "just brushed" feel

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Oral-B Brush-Ups are a revolutionary new way to keep patients’ breath fresh and their smiles bright while on the go. Brush-Ups are easy to use, featuring a pull-on tab to comfortably fit over the finger. The textured cleaning surface is latex-free and formulated to help clean teeth - no water or rinsing necessary. Available in sugar-free, refreshing Mint Burst flavor, they are individually packaged in a box of 144 for $46 ($43.25 for GSP members).

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From June through December 31, buy two boxes, get one free. For more information, visit, call (800) 44-ORALB, or contact your sales representative.

"My Dentist Makes Me Smile"

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“My Dentist Makes Me Smile” is an informative and fun-filled activity book. With the aid of picture stories and interactive coloring, both parent and child become engaged in the education process about the first visit to the dentist. Stories include learning about the friendly dentist and staff, new patients, friendly technology, equipment, and the benefits of dental health care.

The author’s practical experiences as a dental hygienist conveys the many advantages of educating children early in the proper techniques of dental care. The stories were created to set a foundation that early dental care is an important step to a healthier dental lifestyle.

For more information or to place an order, call (212) 302-8686 or visit

The best-tasting fluoride varnish

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Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) introduces VarnishAmerica, a 5% sodium fluoride varnish that doesn’t discolor teeth, never separates, completely blends with the natural color of dentition, immediately dries on contact with saliva, has a superior bubblegum taste, and is less expensive than other single-application fluoride varnishes on the market. VarnishAmerica’s formulation virtually requires no pre-mixing - the material doesn’t separate. Each cup contains .4 ml of varnish. The practitioner uses the amount necessary and discards the rest. By packaging only the .4 ml size, MPL saves in manufacturing and packaging costs enabling the savings to be passed on to the customer. It is available in boxes of 32 and 200 single-unit applications, complete with take-home patient instructions. Made in the USA.

For more information or to order, call (800) 523-0191.

Hu-Friedy® periodontal promotion

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Hu-Friedy announces its Fall Periodontal Promotion, which runs September 1 to December 31. The promotion features scalers, curettes, and ultrasonic inserts. Featured products include the exclusive SWIVEL Direct Flow inserts, which combine through-tip water delivery with the one-of-a-kind swivel insert. There’s no need to stop scaling to adjust the insert - simply roll the insert in your fingertips like a hand instrument. Also featured are new DiamondTec file scalers, which offer a full 360 degrees of diamond coating for complete coverage and unbeatable scaling access.

The promotional offers are available on these new products as well as any other products in Hu-Friedy’s hand and power scaling lines. Buy any 12 scalers/curettes, get two free; buy any three ultrasonic inserts, get one SWIVEL insert free; buy any five inserts, get two SWIVEL inserts free.

For complete details, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

CaviWipesXL disinfecting towelettes

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CaviWipes disinfecting towelettes now come in two sizes - regular and the XL (almost three times the regular size). CaviWipesXL is a great value, providing 10 percent more wipes per canister than the competition.

The power of CaviCide in a wipe, CaviWipes and CaviWipesXL are proven to kill TB in five minutes and HBV in three minutes. They’re convenient, durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive towels that will not bunch up during use. They offer superior surface contact and better fluid capacity vs. other wipes, and are recommended for all nonporous surfaces. They are perfect for dental labs, instrument processing rooms, and dental operatories.

For more information, call your authorized dealer or (800) 841-1428.

Plak Smacker Prepasted toothbrushes

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Plak Smacker introduces new rubber-grip, prepasted toothbrushes. Prepasted brushes offer quick and clean convenience in a “no-mess” brush. Available in four distinctive colors, prepasted brushes feature a soft, comfortable grip and soft, nylon bristles that are wire-anchored for up to 30 days of use. Individually wrapped and affordably priced, use Plak Smacker Prepasted brushes to help eliminate cross-contamination and provide a sanitary environment around the sink. Prepasted brushes mean convenience, affordability, and bright smiles. Brushes also are available without paste.

For more information, call (800) 558-6684 or visit

Oral-B Sonic Complete

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For patients who prefer a sonic toothbrush, the new Oral-B Sonic Complete offers innovative design and product features. Sonic power technology combined with multi-mode brushing, advanced bristling, and ergonomic handling help ensure complete mouth care.

Oral-B Sonic Complete is clinically proven to significantly reduce plaque, gingivitis, and stain in just four weeks. Innovative CrissCross bristles offer effective gum line cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas. Soft bumpers on the back of the brushhead cushion teeth and gums for added comfort. A slim, lightweight handle with an ergonomic grip ensures comfort and maneuverability.

Oral-B Sonic Complete includes two brushheads, a travel case, and tower storage charger, and is available to dental professionals for $59.95. For more information, call (800) 44-ORALB or contact your sales representative.

BetaCell® oral rinse

BetaCell oral rinse is for the temporary relief of minor discomfort, and protection of irritated areas in a sore mouth. Patients may use it daily for gum irritations, oral lesions, irritations due to dentures, braces and other orthodontic appliances, canker sores, cuts and burns, pre/post dental procedures, and for people who smoke or use tobacco products. BetaCell oral rinse contains Micellized Vitamin A, E, and Beta Carotene. Micellization allows for improved absorption. BetaCell is alcohol-free and sugar-free - a non-burning formula.

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BetaCell oral rinse is now available over the counter and wherever dental products are sold. It is packaged in a 16-ounce bottle with a pour cap.

For more information, visit or call (800) 444-0173 ext. 2004.