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March 1, 2001
Tandem Oral Care, Inc. introduces Tandem™ Floss & Fluoride 1.1% NaF dental cream in the 1.8-oz. size plus 25 yards floss in its patented FlossCap™.

Tandem™ Floss & Fluoride

Tandem Oral Care, Inc. introduces Tandem™ Floss & Fluoride 1.1% NaF dental cream in the 1.8-oz. size plus 25 yards floss in its patented FlossCap™.

It takes two to fight decay, sensitivity, and plaque, and Tandem™ Floss & Fluoride does that. Increase patient compliance by putting floss at your patients' fingertips and eliminate the single, biggest reason patients do not floss - they forgot. Reduce plaque formation, relieve hypersensitivity, and protect against adult caries with clinically proven, maximum-strength 5000 ppm fluoride - a good replacement for your regular toothpaste for daily treatment and cleaning.

Tandem™ helps double up against gum disease - convenient FlossCap™ is a constant reminder to floss and Fluoride improves tooth resistance to acid dissolution and the neutral pH is safe for all restorations.

For more details, contact Tandem Oral Care, Inc.
(800) 227-8507

Junior toothbrush pack

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J-Pak is a toothbrush pack that is designed for children under the age of 8. Each pack contains a compact junior toothbrush with extra-soft bristles, a toy brush cap to protect the brush head, and a hang loop with nametag.

Each box contains 50 packs, four designs assorted.

For additional information, contact Applied Dental, Inc.
(888) 841-8481

Biogel® Super-Sensitive™

Formulated to be 20 percent thinner than standard Biogel® surgical gloves and manufactured on a curved former design for more natural hand position, Regent Medical's new Biogel® Super-Sensitive™ powder-free, latex surgical glove is an excellent choice for use when increased sensitivity and comfort are desired.

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In addition to providing increased tactile sensitivity and comfort, Biogel® Super-Sensitive™ has a smooth surface that does not compromise grip. The glove is powder-free - eliminating powder-related complications -and incorporates the patented Biogel® coating for improved donnability with damp or dry hands.

For more information about Regent Medical's full line of Biogel® products, visit
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Petite Web™ LF Short Cup

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Young Dental Manufacturing introduces the Petite Web™ LF Short Cup, an ultra-short, webbed prophy cup composed of latex-free rubber. The reduced length allows for optimum access in hard-to-reach places and for patients with smaller mouths. The cup's superior design offers maximum flair and premium performance in a screw cup. It is available in soft (purple) and firm (blue).

For more information or to place an order, call Young Dental Manufacturing at (800) 325-1881 or visit
(800) 325-1881

Guardian Seal

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Guardian Seal is a 30-percent filled, light-cured, pit-and-fissure sealant that offers a patented, fluoride-releasing mechanism. Its viscosity and the unique micro-brush needle tip make placement effortless. The shade is translucent enough to detect decay, yet opaque enough to see.

To experience the difference, contact your authorized Kerr dealer.
(800) KERR-123

Double-sticky Dotz

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Glitz, the sensational and uniquely flavored prophy paste, introduces Dotz. Double-sticky Dotz adhere the cup to the glove for the operator's comfort. Glitz flavors - chocolate fudge, blueberry muffin, strawberry jam, and intense peppermint - are available in coarse and regular. The formulation contains a combination of pumice and organic solvents to greatly speed stain removal while improving the properties of nonsplattering, easy rinsing, and brilliant polishing. Hygienists save time and patients love the taste.

For more information or samples, contact Glitz at (888) 667-9475 or e-mail [email protected].
(888) 667-9475

QualiTouch® L/R Latex Procedure Gloves

Manufactured on anatomically correct formers that simulate the natural curves of the relaxed hand, these new gloves offer dental professionals a comfortable alternative to ambidextrous exam gloves. Available in seven sizes for a precise fit, they are recommended for use during longer procedures to reduce the hand stress and fatigue some wearers experience with ambidextrous exam gloves.

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QualiTouch® L/R Latex Procedure Gloves are powder-free to eliminate any concerns about powder trails in the dental office or on clothes. They also have a textured finish to improve wet grip.

For samples or more details, contact a SmartPractice® glove specialist.
(800) 522-0595, Ext. 555

0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

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Denti-Care's® 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse is formulated to provide an extra-short-term boost in the reduction of tissue inflammation, bleeding, and plaque accumulation. Used in conjunction with home-care programs, Denti-Care's® Chlorhexidine rinse may be used for the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, oral irrigation (both in office and home), post-operative healing, and to reduce inflammation prior to planned dental procedures.

A special introductory buy three cases, get one free promotional offer is available. Contact your local dealer to place your order.

For more product information, visit Medicom at
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h-pak™ is designed to provide complete oral care for fresh-breath assurance. It includes a toothbrush, a dental-floss dispenser, and a tongue cleaner in a sealed package. The toothbrush has an angled tip design and is made with Dupont® Tynex soft bristle. The floss contains a light coating of wax and a burst of mint flavor. The patented tongue cleaner has three rows of blade for scraping, smoothing, and collecting debris on the tongue's surface.

The tongue cleaner helps remove a coating on the tongue by 50 percent, it inhibits plaque formation on the teeth by 35 percent, and it is 50 percent more effective in getting rid of bad breath than brushing the teeth.

For additional information, contact Applied Dental, Inc.
(888) 841-8481

FLEXO? Saliva Ejectors

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FLEXO® Saliva Ejectors, from Bosworth Company, are available now in an expanded color range. Available in blue, yellow, green, and red, FLEXO® maintains its shape and features a safe end that prevents tissue pull. A reinforced plastic barrel will not collapse when bent to maintain a nonrestricted suction flow. FLEXO® are packaged in bags of 100.

For additional information, contact Bosworth Company at (800) 323-4352, e-mail [email protected], or visit
(800) 323-4352