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May 1, 2001
Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste with Alumisil™
Tobacco smokers and drinkers of stain-causing beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine now can smile with confidence. Rembrandt Oral Care Products introduces new Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste with Alumisil™, which has been shown to help quickly remove even the toughest stains.

Assistant's Product News

Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste with Alumisil™Tobacco smokers and drinkers of stain-causing beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine now can smile with confidence. Rembrandt Oral Care Products introduces new Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste with Alumisil™, which has been shown to help quickly remove even the toughest stains.

The formula contains Extra-Strength Whitening Citroxain®, Alumisil™, Antioxidant Vitamin E, Calcium, and Fluoride which work together to whiten teeth and improve the overall health of teeth and gums. Alumisil™ is a safe, low-abrasion tooth-polishing agent similar to those found in jeweler's paste.

The rich mint flavor of Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste leaves breath fresh and clean. It is available in a 3 oz. tube and can be found at food, drug, and discount stores nationwide.

For more information, visit Rembrandt Oral Care Products at (800) 548-3663

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Cookie Dough and Zinnamon prophy pasteNUPRO Prophy Paste introduces two new flavors: Cookie Dough and Zinnamon. Younger patients will love the hints of vanilla and chocolate in the Cookie Dough flavor, while adults will appreciate the zingy, zesty flavor of Zinnamon. These two additons make NUPRO the line that offers the widest selection of great-tasting flavors and grits available. NUPRO, as always, delivers excellent stain removal and polishing in an always-consistent, splatter-free formula. Both new flavors are available in fine, medium, and coarse grit.

For additional information, contact your authorized DENTSPLY Professional distributor, call (800) 989-8826, [in Canada, call (800) 263-1473], or visit 989-8826

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Best N-Dex™ nitrile glovesNitrile gloves from Associated Bag Company help protect law enforcement, health care, and occupational safety personnel from exposure to bloodborne pathogens and allergic reaction.Synthetic nitrile gloves provide a high level of tactile sensitivity, comfort, dexterity, and puncture resistance. For safety, nitrile gloves split and tear away when punctured — alerting wearer of potential for contamination. Hypoallergenic nitrile gloves are offered in 4 mil and 8 mil thicknesses, and are perfect for people who suffer allergic reactions to rubber or latex.

Best N-Dex™ nitrile gloves feature a patented polymer blend that fits precisely for a natural feel. The snug fit reduces hand fatigue associated with extended wear and the lightly powdered interior helps keep hands dry longer.

For more information or a copy of the free catalog, contact Associated Bag Company at (800) 926-6100 or visit (800) 926-6100

XYLIFLOSS® dental flosserXYLIFLOSS®, a new patented dental flosser that provides a safe, fast, and comfortable way to floss teeth, was recently introduced to the North American market by XYLIFLOSS Ltd. XYLIFLOSS® is an innovative product that will change the way people floss forever. XYLIFLOSS® makes the use of dental floss easy and fast, and the special design ensures hygienic use of dental floss.

This dental-care product is said to be the only flosser available with a self-adjusting tension mechanism that makes flossing quick and easy. XYLIFLOSS® is easy to use, with simple operating instructions on the back of the package. It is available in five different colors, and is attractively packaged and priced.

XYLIFLOSS® is a self-contained, hygienic dental flosser that eliminates the need to wrap an excess amount of floss around your fingers. Each unit contains 16 yards of dental floss, good for more than 200 uses — many more than the standard floss container.

For more details, call (847) 781-3222 or visit (800) 558-5927

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Artist Porcelain PaletteAmerican Dental Supply, Inc. introduces a newly designed, economical, compact Artist Porcelain Palette to its line of porcelain accessory materials. The palette is ideal for busy ceramic technicians. It allows ample shade selection and combination on a single, handheld palette. A fully glazed and smooth surface provides years of service and will not abrade brushes. A see-through, clear plastic protective case minimizes evaporation and dust contamination.

For more information, contact American Dental Supply, Inc. at (800) 558-5927, (610) 252-1464, or fax (610) 252-2822. (800) 558-5927

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Paint-on disclosant preferredA recent study of dental professionals reveals that over 50 percent find that plaque disclosants are too messy. However, 91 percent of the respondents would consider using a paint-on disclosant. Beutlich Pharmaceuticals has developed an easy-to-use, paint-on, single-use plaque disclosant. DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution Dry Handle Swabs are neat and easy to use. Each dry-handle swab is individually packaged and contains a cotton swab saturated with .25 ml of red, nontoxic dye. This unit dosage allows for easy application while eliminating the mess of tablets and liquids.

DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution is a perfect adjunct for oral-hygiene instruction in the dental office or at home. Packaged in dispensing boxes of 100, DISCLOSE® can be ordered from your local dental dealer.

For more information, contact Beutlich Pharmaceuticals at (800) 238-8542 or visit (800) 238-8542

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Day White/Nite White standard kitsDiscus Dental Inc. offers a new, attractive, and convenient smaller kit that features dual-barrel technology. This advancement in whitening enables you to use less gel over a shorter period of time. The Day White Standard Kit is designed for nine days of whitening and includes three dual-barrel syringes (4.0g each), three syringe tips, one tray case, a shade guide, two sheets of EVA, and detailed laboratory instructions. The Nite White Standard Kit is designed for 10 nights of whitening and includes two dual-barrel syringes (4.0g each), two syringe tips, one tray case, a shade guide, two sheets of Eva, and detailed laboratory instructions.

For more details on Discus Dental™ tooth-whitening systems, visit (800) 422-9448

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Rembrandt Plus Gel with PeroxideSince some people prefer the bubbly action of gel over toothpaste, Rembrandt Oral Care Products now features its popular Rembrandt Plus Toothpaste in gel form. It offers complete oral-care benefits, including unsurpassed whitening capabilities. Low in abrasion, Rembrandt Plus Gel, used twice daily, fights cavities and gum disease, keeps breath fresh, and makes teeth their whitest.

Most whitening toothpastes with peroxide contain insoluble calcium peroxide which only removes stain through abrasion. Rembrandt Plus Gel with Peroxide contains bio-available oxygen, which is soluble, allowing for maximum whitening results with very low abrasion. Rembrandt Plus is available in a 2.6 oz tube.

For additional information, visit Rembrandt Oral Care Products at (800) 548-3663

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Aquacream hand lotionADM-Tronics Unlimited, Inc. offers Aquacream, a new lotion specially formulated to counter the harshness of chemical agents that may come into contact with the skin.After washing hands thoroughly, product use entails rubbing a generous amount of the Aquacream in the palm of the hands, then spreading the cream evenly to coat the entire surface of hands. This is followed by rinsing hands with running water and patting them until thoroughly dry. The treated skin becomes smooth, moist, and soft within a few minutes.

Aquacream is available in packaged 16-oz. dispenser bottles, with a minimum order of six bottles. For more details, call (201) 767-0515 or visit (201) 767-0515

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EndoREZ™ sealer/fillerUltradent Products, Inc. has released EndoREZ™ UDMA Resin Root Canal Sealer/Filler. The EndoREZ™ is a biocompatible, methacrylate-based root-canal sealer/filler. The material is a two-part, chemical set material. It has hydrophilic characteristics that provide effective penetration into moist dentinal tubules, allowing for improved sealing properties, and easier placement or removal.

EndoREZ™ is designed to be used with a single gutta percha cone for filling cleaned and shaped root canals. The sealer/filler is effective for conventional endodontic obturation techniques and/or hot gutta percha.

For more information, visit Ultradent Products, Inc. at visit (800) 552-5512

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Metamorphosis 2 in 1 Evacuator TipsL.A.K. Enterprises introduces two new evacuator (suction) tips. The Small Evacuator has a 4 mm orifice and a 2 mm insert tip. It is excellent for endo, surgical, and perio procedures. The Large Evacuator has a 7 mm orifice and a 5 mm insert tip. It is excellent for operative, crown and bridge, and prophy procedures. Both sizes are ergonomically designed for easy access to all areas of the mouth and are autoclavable, reusable, and/or disposable.

For a free sample and more information, visit L.A.K. Enterprises at (800) 824-3112

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Disposable isolation gownsTronex disposable isolation gowns have the cool and comfortable properties of breathable, polypropylene, spunbond material plus natural fluid resistance for excellent body protection. For superior comfort, fit, and durability, these gowns are crafted with precision stitching, and cover securely with elastic cuffs, waist, neckties, and a full back. Item Code #5540 is available in soft yellow and blue and is unisized. Styles also are available with added PE coating for fluid-impervious protection.

For additional information, contact Tronex Healthcare Industries at (800) 833-1181 or e-mail [email protected]. (800) 833-1181

Superlight shades addedHeraeus Kulzer introduces two new Superlight shades to its Charisma and Durafill VS composite product lines. Charisma, a proven universal hybrid composite, now has three Superlight shades available: Superlight, Superlight Transparent, and Superlight Opaque.

Durafill provides proven performance in closing diastemas, direct veneering of hybrid or glass ionomer restorations, correcting enamel anomalies, masking devitalized discolored teeth and splinting loose teeth. Durafill VS has the ideal consistency for easy molding and sculpting. The smooth, glossy, highly reflective surfaces after final polishing provide unsurpassed esthetic appeal. Durafill VS resists staining, wear, and plaque for years.

Both Charisma and Durafill VS are available in 4 gram syringes and .25 g preloaded tips. Charisma is available now in 22 shades, Durafill VS in 23 shades.

For additional information, contact your dental dealer or visit Heraeus Kulzer at (800) 343-5336

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RSVPCosmedent introduces RSVP, a porcelain veneer provisional system that will greatly simplify the tedious and difficult temporization process. The new material will allow dentists and auxiliaries to fabricate beautiful, highly polished temporary veneers in minutes, which will serve as a model for the final restoration. Unlike most systems which produce flash at the margins, RSVP requires minimal finishing along the gum line to prevent any possible damage to the gingival tissue and preparations.

The new RSVP kit comes with three cervical shades of SB3, A1, and A2, plus four incisal shades of SB3, A1, A2, and D2. These shade differences allow for more polychromatic temporaries. A clear RSVP polyvinyl siloxane material along with clear plastic impression trays, a Super Seal™ desensitizer, and an easy, step-by-step manual demonstrating this creative new technique completes the RSVP kit.

For additional information, contact Cosmedent, Inc. (800) 621-6729

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Veladerm™ lotionVeladerm™ Professional Handwash Lotion, available from LavaDerma Professional Skin Care, cleans and keeps the skin healthy. Veladerm™ is unique in that urea is the active cleaning agent rather than detergents, which most skin cleansers utilize. Urea is said to clean without destroying the skin's protective lipid layer, which when destroyed by detergents, results in dry skin, making the skin more vulnerable to microorganisms and toxins. It has antimicrobial activity to protect both the doctor and the patient. It is used similar to a liquid soap. Moisten your hands, dispense one or two strokes of handwash lotion into the palm, distribute over both hands, rinse off with water. If you dry your hands well, the resulting smoothness of the skin facilitates the subsequent gloving.

For additional information or to place an order, e-mail [email protected] or visit Fax: (516) 56104212

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Endo Round Scaler TipsAMD introduces Endo Round Scaler Tips. The tips provide safe and effective ways to explore the pulpal floor so canals are found more quickly. The increased surface area of the balled tip provides a greater margin of safety against perforation of the pulpal floor while cutting a wider path in the search for canal orifices.AMD offers include free adapters so these tips can be used with any Piezo scaler, not just AMD's PowerPiezo™ Ultrasonic Scaler. The tip is highly effective in removing chamber-accessible silver points. When the tip is placed against the silver point, its vibrations cause the point to expand and contract, breaking any cement interface. For more information, contact your local dealer or call AMD. (972) 365-6151
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Flexitime® Magnum 360Heraeus Kulzer introduces Flexitime® Magnum 360. The unique Flexitime® Advanced ThermaSense® formula, which initiates setting when placed in the warmer temperatures of the mouth, now is available in 360 ml mixed volume cartridges and is compatible with Pentamix® 1 and 2. Available in Heavy Tray and Monophase viscosities, Flexitime® Magnum provides homogenous mixing and stress-free application with outstanding results.Also available in Easy Putty, Heavy Tray, and Monophase cartridges, Flexitime® fulfills a range of impression needs, from single-unit crowns to more complex multiple-unit cases, all with one material. In addition, Flexitime® impression material is suitable for all applications and impression techniques, including putty wash, putty push, heavy body/light body technique, and monophase impressions. Flexitime® Magnum is available in a trial kit, which includes one 360 ml mixed volume cartridge and 10 mixing tips, standard refills, and in economy refills.

For more information, contact your dental dealer or visit (800) 343-5336

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UltraSeal XT® plusUltraSeal XT plus has been enhanced with FluorUtite™, a natural, high-fluoride-releasing mineral that improves the caries resistance of enamel.UltraSeal XT plus is a radiopaque pit-and-fissure sealant. The light-cure, 58-percent filled resin makes UltraSeal XT plus stronger, and more wear-resistant than other sealants. The sealant also can be used as a flowable composite for super-adaptive initial layer and as a micro restorative.

For more details, visit (800) 552-5512

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Braun Oral-B 3D ExcelOral-B Laboratories extends its advanced technology with the introduction of the new Braun Oral-B 3D Excel, a top-of-the-line power toothbrush that is said to remove plaque deep between teeth, leaving a remarkably clean, fresh feeling similar to that experienced after a professional cleaning.Key features and benefits include double the pulsation speed of the Braun Oral-B 3D — resulting in an intense, yet gentle cleaning sensation during brushing and a more polished feel after brushing; enhanced control — improved features for full control during brushing; pulsation cessation — a pressure sensor automatically suspends pulsations if too much pressure is applied, helping to maximize the brushing experience.

The Braun Oral-B 3D Excel is available this month. The exclusive, dental professional offer is $56.95 (U.S.) and includes: two handles, a charger with four-brushhead storage, two FlexiSoft® brushheads, two Interspace™ (designed for cleaning between teeth as well as around bridges, crowns, and implants) brushheads, and a travel case. Patients may purchase the Excel at retail stores starting this month also.

For additional information, visit (800) 446-7252