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Jan. 1, 2001
Dentronix, one of the leading manufacturers of dry-heat sterilizers for orthodontic instruments, introduces the DDS6000.

DDS6000 Dry Heat Sterilizer

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Dentronix, one of the leading manufacturers of dry-heat sterilizers for orthodontic instruments, introduces the DDS6000. It accommodates "bagged" instruments, with a cool-down cycle for your safety. Easy-to-use, the DDS6000 eliminates rust and corrosion and complies with the new California Board of Dental Examiners sterilization guidelines.

For additional information, call Dentronix at (800) 523-5944 or visit www.dentronix.com.

(215) 322-4220

Herapuls Laser Welder unit

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J.F. Jelenko & Co. introduces the Herapuls Laser Welding Unit. Heraeus Kulzer has researched the needs of today's dental laboratories for 10 years in order to develop a laser welding unit that is said to be perfectly suited to meet the requirements of today's dental laboratories.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Herapuls ensures a physically stress-free work station. The unit operates on 230 V AC outlet, and cooling and welding fume extraction have already been integrated. Just connect the unit to the argon gas supply and its ready to be used. At 50 watts of power and 4 Hz continuous pulse frequency, the unit has been designed so that welding can be completed without troublesome pulse pauses. Even at a higher pulse power with nonprecious metals with a maximum value of 5k W, the pulse power is sufficient even for large welding diameters.

For more information, contact Jelenko Dental Health Products at (800) 431-1785 or visit www.jelenko.com.

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Spring 3K Light Meter

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The Spring 3K Light Meter, available from Spring Health Products, Inc., is engineered to check the output of high-speed curing lights. A switch feature permits its use with conventional curing units as well. The unit is set at 0-3000mw for high-speed, curing-light testing, and at 0-1000mw for conventional lights. Each 3K Light Meter has been calibrated against a standard for accuracy.

For more information, contact Spring Health Products, 705 General Washington Ave., Suite 701, Norristown, PA 19403, or e-mail to [email protected].

(800) 800-1680

Foramatron D-10 apex locator

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Parkell, Inc. recently introduced the Foramatron D-10, an electronic apex locator designed to quickly identify the apical constriction in canals contaminated with sodium hypochlorite, anesthetic solution, blood, or any other conductive fluid.

A graphic display uses tracking lights to indicate the file's progress down the canal. As the tip approaches the apex, the tracking lights switch from green to cautionary yellow. A large red signal indicates that the apical constriction has been reached. If the operator continues instrumenting, orange lights warn that the tip has perforated the apex. Four audio tones accompany the lights, so the dentist can work comfortably without watching the display. The volume can be adjusted or turned off.

The Foramatron D-10 is powered by a conventional 9V battery and features a low-battery warning. If the device is not used for five minutes, it shuts itself off to prevent battery drain.

The apex locator comes complete with removable autoclavable cables, stand, instrument clip and quick probe, plus a battery. It includes a three-month trial, and everything except the battery and cables is covered by a five-year warranty (parts and labor). The cables are protected by a one-year warranty.

For additional information or to place an order, contact Parkell, Inc., 155 Schmitt Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735.

(800) 243-7446

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PeriOptix introduces PeriLUXTM, a portable light source for dental telescopes. The PeriLUXTM system utilizes a mini-halogen lamp to provide brilliant illumination to the visual field and advanced battery technology for extended life. The lightweight light source mounts quickly and easily to any PeriOptix 250, 300, and N3.5 series telescope, while the equally lightweight battery pack clips onto belt or waistband.

The battery pack can be quickly and easily charged with the supplied adapter, or it can be conveniently operated using any conventional power outlet.

For more information, contact your independent dental dealer or visit PeriOptix at www.perioptix.com.

(714) 838-3455

Digital Photography Kit

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Eastman Kodak Company introduces a turnkey digital camera, imaging software, and printer bundle designed specifically for dentists. The Kodak Dental Digital Photography Kit 290 comes complete with all hardware, software, and accessories that dentists need to take, produce, and manage digital pictures of their patients.

The kit is designed for dentists who want to: quickly and easily record visual records of patient teeth and gum structure and color; create professional images to communicate information about cosmetic and restorative procedures and benefits.

For more details on kit items, visit Kodak Health Imaging Dental Products Group at www.kodak.com/go/dental.

(800) 933-8031

Periometry Automated Probing System

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The Periometry Automated Probing System, available from AMD, runs on any Windows-based PC that has practice-management software with a perio-charging program. PAPS even runs on an optional palm top computer that comes from AMD with PerioSoft® charting software.

This system is said to provide unsurpassed flexibility. The probing pressure can be adjusted from 10 to 30 grams. PAPS also can be customized to follow the doctor or hygienist's normal examination routine.

The program produces precise, exam-to-exam comparisons. All measurements that are necessary to make a thorough examination are recorded, then compiled by the computer and displayed in easily understood bar charts. The simple, black-and-white charts print quickly and consume very little of a computer's memory.

PAPS can be used to demonstrate convincingly to a patient the value of a good perio-treatment program.

For additional information, contact your local dealer or contact AMD.

(972) 365-6151

Omnivue illuminated magnifier

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Derungs Medical Lighting highlights its newest dual-purpose medical magnification task light: the Omnivue illuminated magnifier.

The Omnivue is equipped with unique features, including the option of using two different light levels for medical applications where variable illumination levels help enhance performance. With a simple touch of a switch, three 9-watt compact fluorescent lamps utilize 1,200 lumens of side-to-side lighting for standard inspection applications or 1,800 lumens from the top and both sides of the magnifier for more detailed procedural work where additional light output is required.

The Omnivue conveniently mounts to working areas by a table clamp, portable stand, table base, or pin-mount adapter. For additional magnification, Add-X lenses are available which increase magnification from seven to 16 diopters.

For additional information, contact Derungs Medical Lighting at (800) 634-0007 or visit www.waldmannlighting.com.

(847) 520-1060

Prophy Max scaler/air polisher

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Satelec Inc. introduces the Prophy Max, which combines a piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler and an air polisher into one unit. A single knob selects one of four modes used to perform multi-clinical dental applications (scaling, endodontics, and periodontics) as well as complete prophylaxis. Equipped with a sterile irrigation system, the ergonomically designed and efficient Prophy Max will restore teeth to their natural shine.

For more details, contact Satelec Inc. at (856) 429-8297.

(800) 289-6367

Mini Burner portable butane burner

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Degussa-Ney Dental introduces the Mini Burner, a completely portable butane burner that can be used anywhere in the laboratory, jewelers' bench, or art and crafts studio. It easily refills with standard butane cartridges and will burn from one to two hours. The multiport gas vent provides for a fully adjustable halo flame.

Stable and easy to manage, there is no messy wick to change or central gas line needed. The Mini Burner offers an added level of safety in the laboratory.

For additional information or to place an order, contact Degussa-Ney Dental, 65 West Dudley Town Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002-1316.

(800) 243-1942

Reciprocating compressors available on line

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Champion, a Gardner Denver Company, offers immediate ordering capabilities for special splash, lubricated, reciprocating compressors on line. You now can order, through the Internet, the model best fitting your criteria with 13 models to choose from. These include portable or stationary compressors, along with pneumatic tools and accessories for your convenience.

Contact Champion for a new brochure showing all models available, or visit Air-On-Line.com to order now.

For more information, visit Champion at www.championpneumatic.com or call (217) 222-5400.

(800) 682-9868

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Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc., manufacturer of air-abrasion equipment and accessories, announces a change in the brand name of their product from ABRADENT® to CrystalAirTM. A company spokesperson stated that this will enable Crystalmark to better focus the brand with the company's name. The major upgrade is a state-of-the-art, self-regenerating air dryer. All factory upgrades are offered to owners of older ABRADENT® units.

For more information, contact Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc., 613 Justin Avenue, Glendale, CA 91201; call (818) 240-7596 or visit www.crystalmarkdental.com.

(888) 264-4337

Madeira task light

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Derungs® Medical Lighting introduces the stylish and fully adjustable Madeira task light. The Madeira is part of Derungs' complete line of medical lighting and magnifiers for general examinations, laboratory use, and medical procedures.

From the reception area to the desktop of a doctor's office, the Madeira incorporates a streamlined design which provides cool-to-the-touch, glare-free illumination in virtually any healthcare environment.

For more details on the Madeira and complete line of medical lighting, visit www.waldmannlighting.com or call (800) 634-0007 for a free catalog.

(800) 634-0007

FissurotomyTM Micro BursSS White Burs, Inc. introduces two new FissurotomyTM burs for conservative diagnosis and treatment of hidden caries. Like the original FissurotomyTM bur, these tapered carbide burs cut a minimally invasive groove into suspect fissures in a single pass, thereby maximizing healthy tooth structure. The new "Micro NTF" (Narrow Taper Fissure) FissurotomyTM bur is designed for ultra-conservative pit/fissure exploration of adult molars and selected adult premolars. The new "Micro STF" (Shallow Taper Fissure) FissurotomyTM is ideal for pit/fissure exploration of primary teeth and adult premolars, and also for enamelplasty of fissures in both primary and secondary dentition.

For more details, contact SS White Burs.

(877) SSW-BURS

PentaMatic? AutoOpen Dispensing System

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ESPE now offers the PentaMatic® AutoOpen System for all Penta-delivered impression materials. Impregum Penta Soft Medium Body was launched as the first product in the PentaMatic® AutoOpen Dispensing System.

With the PentaMatic® AutoOpen System, dentists simply have to place the Penta poly bag in the Penta cartridge, insert the cartridge in the Pentamix System, and, with the push of the button, begin dispensing. No cutting, no activating, no stress. Pentamatic offers the dentist the easiest, quickest, and cleanest way to mix and dispense impression materials.

ESPE also introduces the new Garant 2 dispenser system for all ESPE light-body impression materials in cartridges. Separate openings for base paste and catalyst minimize the risk of cross-contamination. The new dispenser design requires less effort to extrude the material out of the dispenser.

For more information, visit ESPE customer service at visit www.espeusa.com.

(800) 542-1072

Prophy Polisher with rinse mode

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Parkell, Inc. recently introduced The Prophy Pencil, a new air-polishing device that features a disposable, syringe-like tip and a rinse control. After polishing several teeth, the operator simply presses a small bar on the handpiece to wash away the spent sodium bicarbonate.

The long, plastic tip, which can be bent for access to hard-to-reach surfaces, reportedly allows exceptional control of the polishing slurry. The interior design is said to feature a liner-flow pattern that dramatically reduces clogging and powder surges.

The pencil requires no installation. It simply connects to an existing air/water handpiece connector and hangs on the unit like a handpiece. Separate models are available for two-hole and four-hole connectors. Everything except the powder reservoir and hose is autoclavable.

The prophy pencil comes with a three-month, money-back trial, plus a one-year warranty.

For additional information, contact Parkell, Inc., 155 Schmitt Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735.

(800) 243-7446

New line of dental furniture

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A-dec, Inc. introduces its new line of Preference Collection dental furniture. The Preference Collection features nine different models. The furniture is completely modular, so each individual model includes a large selection of widths, heights, door- and drawer-storage modules, and colors, as well as numerous options - from integrated delivery systems, wash stations, and equipment drawers to computer-delivery solutions, glove/tissue dispensers, and solid surfacing.

The Preference Collection is designed to help streamline workflow and increase office productivity by providing convenient storage solutions, accommodating new dental technologies, and offering improved ergonomics.

For more details, including new colors available, or to get a free brochure, contact A-dec, Inc.

(800) 547-1883

New line of perio tips

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Satelec's exclusive line of PERIOHARDTM (metal or diamond) and PERIOSOFTTM (carbon composite) ultrasonic inserts enhances the treatment of periodontal pockets and gives access to the most difficult lesions. These tips are smaller in size and diameter, allowing access to the narrowest areas and eliminating subgingival calculus, plaque, and biofilm efficiently. The metal tips are used for calculus and biofilm removal. The exclusive, carbon-composite tips are designed for removal of subgingival plaque and polishing of root surfaces, prostheses, and implants.

For more information, contact Satelec, Inc. by e-mail at [email protected].

(800) 289-6367

SIROCAM 2 universal camera

Sirona's SIROCAM 2, a universal camera for supporting diagnosis by visualizing the need for treatment, is offered as an upgrade option for the CEREC 3 CAD/CAM Chairside Restoration System. Adding the SIROCAM 2 converts the CEREC 3 imaging unit into a fully featured chairside diagnosis and communication center. The SIROCAM 2 integrates with the CEREC 3 imaging unit, providing easy access for the operator, while saving valuable time and space. A distinctive feature of this camera is its ability to operate in virtually any lighting situation, from taking intraoral single-tooth images to full-face images.

For more details about the SIROCAM 2 and/or the CEREC 3 CAD/CAM Chairside Restoration System, contact your Patterson representative.

(800) 873-7683

The Revelation

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Seiler Instruments announces a new microscope solely designed and made for the professional dentist - The Revelation.

For more information, contact Seiler Instruments or circle the number below.

(800) 489-2282

Flexi-Tips are autoclavable

American Dental Supply, Inc. introduces autoclavable Flexi-Tips to its line of dental office products. The Flexi-Tips are a unique hand instrument designed for applying and contouring difficult composites and cements.

Flexi-Tips are nonsticking. No need to specially coat them with modeling liquids to keep composites from pulling away. The instruments are used directly for precise application and shaping of light-cured composite resins and cements. Even hardened materials peel off the silicone tips.

The office Flexi-Tips are provided in a convenient set of two steel handles in angled and straight design. The kit features 10 assorted tip shapes chosen to provide the most versatility. They include two each of a cup chisel, cup round, flat chisel, taper point, and angled chisel. Packages of 10 refill tips of each shape are available separately.

For additional information, contact American Dental Supply, Inc.

(610) 252-1464