The Twist now available factory direct

Oct. 25, 2001
Change in distribution-- Now available factory direct.

The Twist, disposable prophy angle, is clearly faster, safer, and more efficient. Better because it's different. Competitively priced.

The Twist does not cut or tear soft tissue. Ideal for cleaning around orthodontic appliances and for applying fluoride on pedodontic patients. It provides an excellent way to massage gingival tissue and for introducing medicaments into gingival pockets as part of periodontal therapy. Excellent and safe for applying medicaments, removing bio-film to enhance bond strength, and cleaning tooth surface before in-office bleaching. The Twist greatly increases patient comfort and acceptance, making your hygienist a hero!

For details, call Twist2it, Inc. at (718) 672-4234 or in the U.S., call (877) PROPHYS, or visit