Prophy paste works with pre-bleaching polishing

June 7, 2007
More and more dental professionals are making a big deal out of nada.

nada prophy paste from Preventech handles as well as any prophy paste.

But because it has no dyes, no fluoride, no oils, no trace elements, and no taste, it is becoming a prophy paste of choice for adhesive dentistry, pre-bleaching, and meeting the teeth-polishing needs of patients with allergies.

nada's convenient pre-made unit dose saves time by eliminating the need to mix flour of pumice. nada also delivers consistency from procedure to procedure: no more mixes that are too runny one moment and too dry the next.

nada removes the cross contamination possibilities that occur when a single bag of flour is handled by different people.

In adhesive dentistry, nada's consistency and abrasive performance mean the tooth surface is always properly prepared, increasing the likelihood of good, strong adhesion for sealants, composite bonding, and orthopedic bracket application.

nada is also an ideal prophy paste for pre-bleaching polishing. Why? Because nada has no dye and it is patently illogical to include dyes in the bleaching process. Since nada also has no oils, it leaves the tooth as prepped and clean as possible, thereby accelerating the bleaching process.

As an all-natural product, nada is an ideal solution for patients with allergies. Because there are no glutens--no additives at all--you can polish with total peace of mind. And because you don't have to mix a batch of pumice each time the chart indicates allergies, the office stays on schedule.

Like all Preventech products, nada comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. For more information, contact Preventech at (800) 474-8681.