KaVo, Milestone Scientific enter into letter of intent

March 11, 2004
Companies will combine to develop a periodontal ligament injection device.

Milestone Scientific Inc. has announced that it has entered into a letter of intent with KaVo, for the joint development, at KaVo's expense, of a periodontal ligament injection device. The PDL device will combine Milestone's core CompuDent(R) technology for computer controlled local anesthetic delivery with elements of its CompuFlo(TM) pressure feed-back technology. The PDL injection device, when commercialized, will be distributed exclusively by KaVo through its global distribution network and will include a proprietary disposable handpiece to be produced by Milestone. KaVo is a world-leader in the development, production and global sale of dental treatment units, rotary hand-pieces and numerous high tech dental systems and products, including the new HealOzone(TM), a revolutionary caries detection system. The arrangements between Milestone and KaVo are subject to the execution of a definitive agreement.

The periodontal ligament injection is a highly effective method for anesthetizing a single tooth, which avoids collateral anesthesia to the tongue, lip and cheek. However, due to the pain elicited from the high volume of drug required and the associated pressure, a PDL injection can only be used as a secondary injection once the patient has already been anesthetized. If the needle is obstructed or improperly positioned, proper flow of the drug may not occur and excessive pressure may result in persistent post-operative pain and potential tissue necrosis (death of tissue).

"During the past eight years, we have made a significant investment of time and money in the development of advanced, computer controlled, painless, anesthetic delivery systems for use in dentistry and medicine," said Stuart Wildhorn, Milestone's President. "Our joint venture with KaVo and its investment in our CompuFlo pressure feed-back technology will speed the development of commercial products and their introduction to the dental market through KaVo's strong, world-wide, distribution network. We are pleased at KaVo's recognition of the value of our CompuFlo technology and believe that our joint venture will benefit both companies. KaVo's commitment is a further demonstration of its long standing support for revolutionary technology for the dental market."

"We are delighted to develop a working relationship between KaVo and Milestone Scientific", commented Dr. Martin Rickert, Managing Director and CEO of KaVo. "This new development of technology to improve the efficiency of local anesthetic injections will be beneficial to both dentists and patients. The proposed product will be complementary to other high technology products in KaVo's product range."