Crest launches two-step system with Pro-Health toothpaste

Feb. 13, 2015
Crest has unveiled its latest advancement in oral care with Crest Pro-Health [HD], a brand new two-step system formulated for deep cleaning and advanced whitening that goes beyond your ordinary toothpaste.

Crest unveils Crest Pro-Health [HD], a two-step system formulated for deep cleaning and whitening. Crest Pro-Health [HD] was featured on Twitter with the hashtag, #HealthyObsession.

Thanks @Crest! I can eat worry free without fear of losing my HD smile!

— Intrice (@intriceblog) February 12, 2015

Crest Pro-Health [HD] isolates key ingredients into two separate steps to deliver outstanding results:

  • Step One: is a purifying cleanser, containing optimized active ingredient stannous fluoride, which strips plaque away and helps reverse gingivitis while fighting cavities.
  • Step Two: is a perfecting gel, formulated with hydrogen peroxide, which whitens and polishes teeth by removing surface stains leaving your mouth with an amazing clean.

The two steps require two minutes, one minute for each step.

Crest is partnering with actor Taye Diggs to create a short video that showcases the new daily two-step system in action. The video will live on Crest’s YouTube channel. Crest is encouraging consumers to share the video and their #HealthyObsession in creative ways.

“From workouts to healthy treats, my morning routine is full of healthy obsessions,” says Diggs. “I’m excited to join the #HealthyObsession conversation with Crest Pro-Health [HD], the latest addition to my routine.”

Suggested retail price for the new Crest Pro-Health [HD] is $14.99. Crest Pro-Heath [HD] will be available at retailers nationwide beginning February 2015. To learn more, please visit