Crosstex issues 'Face to Face' challenge for dental exam masks

Feb. 10, 2015
Crosstex International, Inc., unveiled its “Secure Fit Face-to-Face Challenge.”

Crosstex International, Inc., unveiled its “Secure Fit Face-to-Face Challenge.” The challenge comprises several elements, all accessible at

  • The creation of a dedicated landing page where clinicians can view and socially share the “Face-to-Face Challenge” videos and other resources that provide insights on the dangers posed by pathogens in the operatory and how to select “the right mask for the task.”
  • A sampling program that allows dental professionals to experience firsthand how Secure Fit masks eliminate gaps while still delivering exceptional anti-fogging, breathability and comfort benefits.
  • A new 1 CEU Mask Course: “Masks: Face the Facts” narrated by Leann Keefer, RDH, MSM, the director of education for Crosstex.

Gary Steinberg, the company’s president and CEO, said, “Independent research confirms that dental professionals are at much greater risk of exposure to airborne pathogens from aerosols and splatter than they may realize. We feel a deep responsibility not only to make dentists, hygienists and dental assistants aware of these risks, but to provide state-of-the-art surgical masks that can provide the protection and comfort these dedicated professionals need and deserve.”

As evidence of the health dangers faced by dental clinicians, Steinberg cited a study indicating that contaminants linger in the dental operatory long after the treatment is completed and can be directly inhaled into terminal lung alveoli. Another study determined that hygienists have a 60% higher incidence of cold symptoms than similar professional groups, and yet another indicated that gaps around the edges of surgical masks could expose pathogens to the wearer’s mouth and nostrils.

Karen Norris, director of marketing communications for Crosstex stated, “Talking about Secure Fit Technology’s superior performance is one thing, but showing it is another. That’s the reason behind our ‘Face-to-Face Challenge,’ where we use vibrantly-colored powder to vividly help demonstrate how gaps in other masks can let in dangerous aerosols and fluids.”

“Surgical masks are critical to the safety, comfort and productivity of dental clinicians,” added Ken Plunkett, the company’s senior vice president of global sales. “It’s a product category that historically hasn’t received the study and attention it demands, which is why we have devoted so much effort in recent years to bringing scientifically-based innovation to our mask designs.”

Crosstex is inviting clinicians to take their own “Face-to-Face Challenge” by offering Secure Fit samples to compare against their current traditional standard earloop masks. To watch the “Face-to-Face Challenge” in action and order your sample(s), visit