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Dear Flossy: Introducing a new career advice column for dental hygienists

Jan. 14, 2016
Are you looking for dental hygiene career alternatives? We're excited to launch a new advice column just for you.
We hope you’ve heard that RDH Under One Roofis launching a new special session for dental hygienists looking to expand their careers outside of clinical hygiene. It will be an opportunity for mentorship and fellowship where you can learn from experienced hygienists and connect with other professionals. We hope you’ll join us at Under One Roof, but if you can’t, we still have exciting things in store. To support the new special session, we are launching a new advice column—Dear Flossy. We'll select some of your questions for response by seasoned professionals who have moved outside clinical practice and would like to help you make your career dreams real. Email Flossy at [email protected]. Responses will be published regularly on this site, and included in the RDH eVillage Focus e-newsletter. We can’t wait to hear from you! —The RDH Under One Roof team