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Anastasia Turchetta introduces OraCare video series

March 4, 2013
New video series from OraCare promotes a multitude of advantages for maintaining good oral health

How many of you out there, dental professionals or not, know how many years can be added to a person’s life if they maintain proper oral care throughout their life? According to research from the Mayo brothers of the Mayo Clinic, the answer is 10 years.

Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, shares this fact and more in her video on DentistryIQ about OraCare and Dentist Select that can be watched here. Anastasia introduces a new video series from OraCare, an oral cleansing mouth rinse that promotes oral health through its 28 uses.

The video series addresses what results dental professionals can expect from the rinse and its 28 uses. “We know that it helps eliminate 99% of the bacteria that causes bad breath,” Anastasia says. “It can be used by ages 8 and up, and we know it can add 10 years to someone’s life. Why wouldn’t you want to help an entire family enjoy not only great smiles, but total health and a healthier life?”

The video series will be available on, where visitors can also ask questions that will be addressed on the site’s future video blogs.

OraCare is an oral cleanser utilizing activated chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, destroy biofilms, and neutralize bacterial toxins (VSCs). “The dental profession has long grappled with infection prevention for patients,” says Gerard M. St-Cyr, Dentist Select’s CEO. “OraCare puts dental professionals significantly closer to solving this problem as proven by several in-the-lab studies — and the reception from dentists, hygienists, and patients who are praising OraCare’s cleansing, restorative, and soothing qualities is gratifying to all of us at Dentist Select.”

OraCare is used by dentists and hygienists as a pre-rinse for therapeutic, routine, cosmetic, and implant dental procedures. OraCare whitens teeth and does not etch, making it effective follow-up to cosmetic and implant dental surgery, say dental professionals who use OraCare. And, because it is refreshing and safe, dentists and hygienists say OraCare can be used indefinitely, even by children over age eight, to reduce complications following dental surgery, and for daily, routine at-home care.

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