Livionex Dental Gel

Livionex Dental Gel is next generation of oral care

Aug. 19, 2013
New dental gel is 2.5 times more effective than leading toothpastes.

One woman said it was the first time in her marriage that her husband did not have bad breath, and she credited Livionex Dental Gel.

One RDH witnessed a reduction in gingival inflammation in her patients in as few as three to four days of use of Livionex Dental Gel.

One microbiologist and periodontist who has studied periodontal disease said that Livionex Dental Gel is "an amazing advancement in the dental professional's control of plaque biofilm and inflammation."
These tesimonials support the claim of the Next Generation of Oral Care — Livionex Plaque Control Dental Gel, the world’s first dental gel using a unique technology that virtually eliminates plaque. It is gentle on teeth yet tough on plaque, and it cleans teeth without the harsh abrasives and foaming agents used by other toothpastes.

Multiple double blind U.S. studies show that Livionex is 2.5 times more effective than leading toothpastes in eliminating plaque, leadng to improved gum health within weeks. It remineralizes teeth faster than traditional fluoride toothpastes, and gums stop bleeding within days.

According to, the company was created in 2009 with the goal of enhancing the quality and longevity of human life. It is focused on developing products through a superior understanding of the role of metal ions such as iron (Fe) and calcium (Ca) in the human body.

Livionex Dental Gel is the result of over 10 years of extensive research by key members of the Livionex team in close collaboration with scientists at renowned research institutions, including the University of Texas and the University of California.


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How does Levionex work?

According to, "traditional toothpastes attempt to reduce plaque by using abrasives, detergents, and antimicrobials, with limited success. Livionex Dental Gel targets the biofilm by using activated edathamil (patent pending) to reduce adhesion of the plaque to the teeth. This approach virtually eliminates plaque through brushing, and shows results that no toothpaste has been able to achieve."

One dentist's review said, "In 30 years plus of private practice, this breakthrough in the biochemistry of plaque control tops the list. I have seen many cases of bleeding gingivitis go away within a week."

Livionex offers a Rewards Program to dental professionals to pass on to their patients. To order Livionex Dental Gel or to enroll in the Rewards Program, visit

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