Enamel pearl case studies

John Kwan, DDS, Robert Gottlieb, DDS, and Suzanne Newkirk, RDH, further explore the use of the Perioscope as a diagnostic tool in the treatment of cervical enamel projections and enamel pearls in a pair of case studies.

Enamel Projection Fo

Case #1: “Enamel projection with furcation involvement”
by Dr. John Y. Kwan

The below pictures and corresponding video show a tooth with an enamel projection which has developed bone loss.

In the video “Enamel Projection,” a Satelec diamond tip was made Magnetostrictive by the Tony Riso Co. and is used to remove the projection and clean into the furcation.

Enamel Projection Fo

Photo 1

Ultrasonic Insert Fo

Photo 2

Photo #1 identifies the enamel projection. Photo #2 shows the curved unltrasonic insert removing the projection and cleaning into the furcation.

Clean Furcation Fo

As the above picture demonstrates, the enamel projection has been removed and the furcation is now clean and clearly defined post instrumentation.

Prior to the Perioscopy System, this area would have required surgical intervention to view and treat.

The below Enamel Projection video may be viewed at:

Case #2
By Dr. Robert Gottlieb and Suzanne Newkirk, RDH

The below pictures and corresponding video show an enamel pearl found on a molar tooth that developed a periodontal infection with a 6mm pocket depth.

With Perioscopy, the doctor removed the enamel pearl quickly and efficiently with no post treatment discomfort or downtime for the patient.

Enamel Pearl Fo

Enamel pearl MB #3 pre treatment

Initial Pc Fo

Enamoplasty Fo

Post enameloplasty the root is clean

Pocket Fo

3 months post treatment pocket is now 3mm

To view the video “Enameloplasty visualized with the Perioscope”, go to:

We suggest that the Perioscopy System as a diagnostic tool in the detection and treatment of various anatomical factors, such as cervical enamel projections (CEP’s) and enamel pearls may help reduce potential for localized periodontal destruction.

New John Kwan FoDr. Kwan is a board-certified periodontist and maintains a private practice providing periodontal and implant care in Oakland/Berkeley, Calif. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry. Dr. Kwan is also the President/CEO of Perioscopy Incorporated.

Robert Gottlieb FoDr. Bob Gottlieb received his Certificate in Periodontics from the University of Washington. Practicing for 35 years, he was voted one of Seattle’s Best Dentists. Dr. Gottlieb mentors and directs numerous study clubs.

New Suzanne Newkirk FoMs. Newkirk graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, in 1981 and has dedicated the last 30 years to excellence in clinical dental hygiene and periodontics. Suzanne is a periodontal therapist, dental hygiene coach and mentor. She is also a Perioscopy instructor and speaker. Ms. Newkirk is a member of the American Dental Hygienists' Association and Washington State Dental Hygienists' Association.

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