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UltiBrush - the all in one toothbrush for those on-the-go

Jan. 17, 2013
This all-in-one toothbrush is complete with toothpaste, floss, mirror, and a protective cap.

It's called UltiBrush, it's been called the Swiss Army Knife of toothbrushes, and it's an all-in-one toothbrush that's particularly handy for people on the go. This new product has been 20 years in the making, and it's on its way to the dental market soon. What a great product it will be for the dental office and patients both when it hits, which should be soon. You can help bring it to the market by visiting

Tyler Glover and his sister Taylor are behind UltiBrush and are working hard to make their father's idea a reality.

According to the website, Tyler said, "My Dad worked for years to create this brush and my sister Taylor and I have jumped on board to help get this brush on the market. We've redesigned the look of the brush and updated the brand. In order to get this prototype into the 1st run of production, we only need to raise $12,000. That's all. And I know we can do it with your help! By helping to support this project, you'll not only be one of the first to get this on-the-go toothbrush, you'll be helping us make our Dad's dream a reality by getting this brush out there."

Here's how it works. UltiBrush is an all-in-one toothbrush that includes a brush, toothpaste, floss, and a mirror. TSA regulations have been taken into consideration, and the amount of toothpaste is travel-friendly. The brush is a great product for anyone who travels regularly and eliminates the need to carry a ziplock bag full of dental hygiene bottles, gels, and liquids. The UltiBrush is good for 40 to 50 uses,
and costs just $12.

"The floss is so easy to access, we figure even those who don't floss regularly will with UltiBrush," Glover said. "No more squeezing messy toothpaste tubes either. You can push the toothpaste button as often as you want. The mirror allows to take a quick look at your teeth while you're on the road, and the cap assures that the brush will stay clean."

The bristles are curved for comfort, and UltiBrush comes in a variety of colors. According to the website, those who support the project will get a brush with a white label and gray logo. For $1, they can place their vote on which color should be offered next — red, black, white/blue, or pink?

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